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Training/Nutrition Advice for Size


Will try to keep this as organized as I can! I appreciate all thoughts as I love reading Tnation articles and picking up knowledge from the forums.

Background: 30 years old, ~173# guessing around 20% BF. Prior life over the last 8ish years was lots of running, a few ironmans, and a few boston marathons. So, I was a decent runner, but always sat around the 150-155# mark as that made me fast. I have lifted for a long time, but nothing was too structured during those years, no real programs or goals.

Current: Since last marathon, April 2013, have been focusing on gaining weight. I had in my mind the 175-180 mark. No reason besides going from where I started, I figured that would be a good "look" for me. I do not have any big goals to compete in any competitions or anything like that. I really just enjoy working out.

Progress: I have made pretty steady progress since April 2013. I started at 153# and now am at 173# I have gained some BF, I wasn't sure lean or anything before.

I wasn't too "strict" with my nutrition until the last 2 months. Not strict as in I wasn't counting cals. Mainly, I ate a decent amount, had a protein shake after workouts, and logged my workouts to gradually progress.

Workouts: For a long time, I went with a pretty simple Pull, Push, Lower. I've always been really bad at taking days off, I like to do something most days. So, I went with that for a

Since July, I have switched over to a 5 day split. I did it for a mix up as my old plan was "Beating me up" a little bit. I improved well on bench press, but shoulder had been giving me some issues so I thought spreading out to a 5 day split would be a fun change of pace.

I go Back, Chest, Legs, Shoulders, Arms. Took a few weeks to adjust as I was super sore. Not meaning they were special workouts, just the added volume per muscle group gave me a new feeling.

Quick note, I have a home gym, pretty good setup, no access to normal gym

Nutrition: I have been using my fitnesspal to log 4000 cals/day. I have a pretty active job/on my feet. I have been very close to 4000 everyday I have logged, since July 1. I'm up from ~168 to 173 in that time period. This is the first time I've ever counted cals.

I have been using a 40% Carb, 30% Protein, and 30% Fat macro count. No real specific reason, mainly based off what I have read about.

Ok, on to some questions.

  1. How do you feel my progress is based on pictures? I know, no leg shot. I wouldn't say they are anything special. They have decent definition from the years of running, size wise in line with the rest of my body. Areas I should work on?

  2. Thoughts on my nutrition? Do you need more details? I stick very close to the macros each day. It is a lot of food for me to eat!

  3. How high in weight should I aim to go? Basically I've been building up for ~15 months. Should I take a phase and lean up for a few months? Then get back to building to keep body fat in check?

I will say I have a job that requires a decent look, basically don't want to look to out of shape at any time!

  1. Any other thoughts?

I'm more than happy to give more details of my training/nutrition if needed. Appreciate any help that can be given. Thanks all!


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Good work so far. I wouldn’t cut, you look closer to 15% (or less) than 20.

I wouldn’t put a cap or target on body weight at this stage. Just keep gaining until you stop or get too fat. Give it time. As in years.

As far as body parts, you could use size pretty much everywhere but traps and shoulders would probably give you the most visual payoff. Arms, too. I would bump up the frequency on arms, traps, and shoulders. For like two years.

You could achieve a real nice look if you stick with it.


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