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Training Not Fun Anymore?

 This really isn't about "building a better body" but I couldn't really see where it really fits...

I LOVE lifting and playing basketball... but recently I noticed that I'm not having much fun doing them.

When I get to the gym, I'm easily annoyed by people putting 20Kg (around 45lb) plates next to 5kg at the top of the rack... then there's this guy at the rack or bench going on vacations in between sets.

When I play ball, I'm pissed off by poorly executed offense (ball moving upcourt, then somebody launching it in the sky after dancing around 1 on 5). On defense, there's always somebody falling asleep.

I really love ball and lifting. I can't wait for the next training session or the game, but when I get home, it seems like I'm more stressed out...

Any advice? I'm thinking about taking some time off from ball... but prolly can't stay away from the rack.


I decided to put ball on hold because I'm ragging on people. I don't yell at people (much) or throw dumbbells at them in the gym...


What kind of gym do you go to? If it's a small non chain like mine, I just leave notes to the people on the sign in sheet to knock whatever stupid thing they're doing off. Works like a charm.

But on a side note, you can't sweat the small stuff man. Life is way too short to get stressed out by anything anyone else does. I also admit I have a problem with people...All people...I'm also a little OCD...So if I see a weight in the wrong spot, I put it where it needs to be. No real biggie.

  1. Get a couple of sand bags

  2. Get a keg or a heavy log

  3. read: http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do?id=785261

  4. Find a park or a piece of lawn and work your ass off.

  5. Repeat step #4 until you feel ready to get back to the iron, CAUTION that feeling may never return.



yes, i know they're small stuffs. what concerns me is that 2 yrs ago, I wouldn't have put much thought to these kinda stuffs. Now it's like all the small stuffs have accumulated to become one big mess in my head.

it's not like I'll go postal or anything... but I'm concerned it might start to affect how i deal with people outside of the gym and the court.

thanks for the advice on keg and sandbag. I think I'll do that for awhile... if I need to touch the ball, I'd prolly bike to a court in the morning to work on my shot or something.


heh,im not very social at times either.so my little trick is to think about some racial jokes in my head and just laugh and laugh.sterio-types work well too.i never do it to be mean(unless somebody crosses that line) just to get rid of the bad mood