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Training Next to Dalip Singh


I was cruising the net to see if I could find some photos of Dalip Singh and stumbled upon this forum.

I have actually worked out with (well right next to) this guy. I have a friend who is 6'10" and over 300lbs and I used to have a customer who was 7'1" and about 330lbs. By far this guy is the most massive and intimidating figure I have been around in person.

It's sort of a funny story if you are interested but this is how it went.

I am headed to the gym a while back (when I lived in Albuquerque, NM maybe a year ago or so) and as I am in the parking lot my mother calls my cell phone. I am sitting there talking to her for about 10 minutes watching the front of the gym when the most gigantic mountain of a man walks through the front door with two smaller gentlemen.

I go about my business and I am working out in the main free weight room. Khali walk near me a couple of times but it doesn't hit me, the size of this guy until I am walking behind him as he turns around and I think, "Good god, he may as well be an elephant, I couldn't feel any smaller." I am not a big guy at 5'11" and about 190lbs but I felt like I was 5 years old.

I was in the military at the time and was pretty keen on security and the anti terror mind set. Well I realize that he is the only one working out, and the two little guys can speak english to one another but they aren't speaking any to Khali. Of the two handlers it turns out one of them was his manager Daivari. It took a while for me to make up my mind to call the FBI or not because I honestly thought that I was watching the next evolution of taking over air planes. Just using a 400lb monster to knock the door down.

Time goes by and he and I have been lifting for about 40 minutes or so when someone randomly walks up and says hi. Then a few more people and before I knew it someone got his autograph. That's when my mind clicked and I remembered hearing on the radio something about a WW whatever wrestling match at Tingley Coliseum the next night. So it turns out he was in town for that and was just doing a small workout. Not being a wrestling fan, I was clueless and just thought he was the newest weapon in the war on terror.

Can't say that I saw him lift heavy(for him) but he curled 135lbs like I curl 45lbs.

Anyway, he's a big man, that's for sure!


Can he speak well? I can barely understand him when watching his WWE interviews.


he is indian,jus like me.hes not very good at english,unlike me.but all in all hes a rather gentle giant in real life.he used to work for punjab police in india.had participated in a few BBshows.an had won handsdown due to his erstwhile leaner physique.
tho i must say he isnt that developed in his legs.see he is a giant. giants may seem strong but are pretty weak than average athletes.so this means he cant squat. this means he cant grow to his full potential.


Just go to wwe.com if u want pictures of the big man.Also watch the longest yard with adam sandler to see his great acting skills. :slight_smile:

U realise how big he is when he can make someone like batista look like a tiny little man and batista is 6'3 275-285 pounds.

He has this move in wwe where he crushes people's skulls with his bare hands.His hands cover the ENTIRE head of his opponents quite a sight to see.But the big prick should stick to acting as he is horrible "wrestler" or "entertainer" which ever way u look at it.Its only because he is a freak show that he has a job with WWE



Doesn't he have mild giantism?-which drastically shortens your life-


Wow, what an ignorant person you are. Just because he's Indian, he must be part of Al-Qaeda. He's not even a Muslim. Next time, keep your racist thoughts inside of that peanut of a brain.


I think he meant the other way round, i.e. he was one of the USA's weapons.