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Training, Need Finger Surgery


i recently broke my finger during football practice. (im a coach)

I dont know how to proceed my training. will need surgery, no grip work for 2-3 months. No bench, pulls, press, row, etc.

Can squat, GM, sled and prowler. and anything with left hand.

Anyone have any ideas?



A couple things man, can you use lifting straps? I know it seems horrible man but you have to look at it like this. You have three months to focus on bringing up your legs. Im wondering if you could modify lifting strap so that you do not have to use your grip ie a hook or a piece of metal.

Change your mindset brother, your already half way over the hill because you are looking for ideas to train. Focus on those legs and kill it.


Better than straps, i'd use hooks, like these: http://www.tmart.com/A-Pair-of-Steel-Solid-Power-Grips-Weight-Lifting-Hooks-Black_p170627.html?fixed_price=us_us&utm_source=base&utm_medium=organic&utm_term=24000596&utm_campaign=product&gclid=CJKnzLDwjLoCFUZV4godvXgA2w

Also, check out the "no hands" front squat (also know as a JV squat) here: http://jva.ontariostrongman.ca/FS.htm

Consider buying a safety squat bar, will also be useful even after your finger heals


yeah i can squat and good morning. no DL. maybe after healed i can use straps for some movements. Doc said no bench initially. so for first six weeks I am very limited. Planning on using squat, GM, Prowler, and Tire sled. Looking for ideas on how to program them.


If I could only squat/GM and do conditioning work for 3 months, I'd run smolov. Just my two cents, seems like an ideal time to run it since you can't really do any serious benching or pulling anyways.

Good luck with the recovery.