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Training Myths List


I'm doing a list of training, supplement and diet myths and so far all I've got is this:

  1. Preacher curls work the lower biceps
  2. Olympic lifts are the only way to get explosive
  3. The best indicators of a good workout are how tired you are after the workout and how sore you are the next day
  4. Strength training will stunt the growth of children
  5. Lifting light weights for high reps will "shape and tone" your muscles
  6. Creatine will make you stronger
  7. Don't use heavy weights because you'll bulk up too much
  8. Certain exercises will "peak" your biceps
  9. Protein is bad for your kidneys
  10. Heavy weights and low reps won't build muscle, just strength
  11. Squats are bad for your knees
  12. Muscles will make you slow

So I need more good stuff to put on my list. Enlighten me...


You forgot the oldest and most obtuse of them all!

-- Weightlifting will make you bulky, less flexible, slow, and/or less agile.


Squats make your arms bigger.

  1. Keeping carbs out of your diet is good

  2. Keeping fat out of your diet is good

  3. I also know some people who belive eating one meal a day is good for them to loose weight.

all of these are stupid myths


When you stop training, the muscle gained will be converted to fat.


doing crunches will make you lose fat in the midsection (aka spot reduction)


I have to take exception to number six. I have found that creatine will indeed up your strength levels under certain conditions.


may sound wierd but i disagree,
I believe a stimulus to so many muscles can cause muscles, not directly used, to grow aswell. Obviously not in the same proportions but still some hypertrophy.


You are correct, that is another myth that has been busted on this thread.



Wait, wait, ...

Creatine doesn't make you stronger? ? ?


Actually, there have been studies done that show it does increase strength in explosive athletes (sprinters, oly lifters)


"You're probably overtraining."

No you're not.


DL's, squats and their variations as well as GM, back extensions etc are bad for your back. Hmm??

Dont know how many times ive heard that crap.

AH how about belt usage. Thats a touchy one. Belts saving your back BUT ikn the long run if you dont use one you get a stronger back and core etc making the back stronger and less prone to injury.


Agreed now this has flip flopped where 5 or a bit more years ago everyone was under
training and needed to do more.


Two more

"never go to failure"

"always go to failure"


But...how do I train my "inner pecs"?


Get your "inner self" to work out?


Cable crossovers with a big long squeeze in the bottom position.


Pullovers after squatting to expand the ribcage.


Chicks don't care if you have nice legs or an ass.

All supplements taste like shit. (was true, now some actually are palatable)

Women who lift too heavy will start to look like a man.

All you need to do is the big 3 to get jacked.....Bench, Curls in the Squat Rack, and Situps.