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Training my Girlfriend


Hey there guys,

Just recently I've managed to convince my girlfriend that me taking her to the gym and making her do weights is not gonna turn her into a man-beast, and got her to give me permission to make her a program that will help her loose weight, and build muscle.

She's 18 about 5'8 and 125lbs I believe. She's not overweight but would like to reveal her midsection a little more and "take a bit from her stomach and put it in her ass" I promised I'd help her do this and hopefully she'll enjoy the lifting and make it a part of her life. So far I've outlined this:

(She will probably only be able to have about 3 weight sessions a week)

Note: She swims about 2k a day, or around 14k in a week.

WARM UP: Always begin with X-walks and Glute bridges as I believe she has glute amnesia because they do not fire correctly, hoping to get them frequently and at the right time.

Day 1 - Lower
A1. Romanian Deadlift (4-6x6-8)
alternated /w
A2a. Front/Back Squat (2-3x6-8)
A2b. Leg Press (2-3x6-8)

B. Elastic Band Squats /w Press
(3x30s - AMAP)
C. Ball Leg Curl (3-4x8-10)
High effort, squeeze at top
D. Swimming/Low Intensity Cardio
30-45 minutes 60% MHR

Day 2 - Upper
A1. Dumbbell Row/Seated Row
(3-4x6-8) alternate /w
A2. Elastic Band Press
/w 2 sec hold
B1. Dumbbell Flies/Press (3-4x6-8)
alternate /w
B2. Elastic Band Row
/w 2 sec hold
C. Dead Bug (3x10/side)
follow progression
D. X walk/Ab-supported Hip Extension
Switch every workout between two
E. Hanging Leg Raises
1x15, 1x15, 1xAMAP
F. Swimming/Low Intensity Cardio
30-45 minutes 60% MHR

Day 3 - Full Body Light Weight
A1. Front Squat /w Press (Rubber bar)
(4x30 sec AMAP)
B. Walking Lunges /w Dumbbells
(4x12-16) (walk backward 2nd set)
C. Deadlift to Upright Row (4x12-16)

D. Dead Bug (3x10/side)
follow progression
E. X walk/Ab-supported Hip Extension
Switch every workout between two
F. Swimming/Low Intensity Cardio
30-45 minutes 60% MHR

She eat's like crap. Which is the reason why she doesn't look better and already have accomplished her goals. I'm going to do my best to enforce better nutrition on her but she seems like she can't go through a week without a blizzard from Dairy Queen.

The other food she eats isn't bad, I just feel she eats at the wrong time due to her work. (9-1) (6-10) at the local YMCA pool, which causes her to retain fat. Also she is on a strong pill, which may lead to additional fat storage.

What do you think of the program? What changes would you suggest? Any great ideas for a meal plan?





Look into the New Rules For Lifting for Women workouts. I did these with my girlfriend and they kick my ass from Chicago to Bejing…


You are so Terror


The program itself looks good. Maybe throw in some full deadlifts from the floor on some days rather than just RDLs.

The biggest thing is letting her know that this will take time and effort. She may not see results immediately like everyone wants too. Stay patient with her and keep her motivation high.

As for nutrition, look up Thib’s “power food” article and get her eating alot of what is listed there. Also get a good idea of her exact goals. Maybe a precise scale weight she wants to reach. Having a vague goal like “moving something from my stomach to my ass” may not be helpful. Have her write them down and make her accountable. Then get moving the iron.