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Training Music

I would like to know what are your favorite or more motivating songs when training…
My top two are : 1- Daft punk - stronger 2- System of a down - Toxicity

What’s your top two or three?
Thanks a lot,



Because I fail at answering questions seriously.

i’ll get my actual play list

disturbed - get psycho

Hed pe - lets ride

icp and 36 mafia- another crazy click

mindtrip- nonpoint

droppin plate distubed

bubba sparx good charlotte- i aint gonna run

dead execs- let the musc say

wake up hed pe

hed pe ft tech n9ne- i am everything

thug pit bone thugs icp

celcius- tech nine

closer - nine inch nails

come clean - hilry duff not a joke at all

this is my llist in order- i listen to come clean at the start and the end of my workout so i can control the rage before i overdo something and at the end so i can mellow out.

Metallica - “Don’t Tread on Me”
Pretty much anything by Korn
Any Flogging Molly album

In Flames - Cloud Connected

Disturbed - Down with the Sickness

Mushroomhead - Condemned Man

Deftones…Adrenaline and Around The Fur
Also like the crunk…UGK, 8 8Ball&MJG, Plies, Bun B, Juvenile, Pastor Troy
I also got to hear 99 probs at least once usually during cardio when I am staring at your girlfriends ass.

Any melodic death/thrash gets me drilled to throw around iron.

rockula nice list thats a small part of mine as well .

also add
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nqrRt6MNu4g oxycotton fuuu ya

if he act like a bitch treat em like a bitch

all old school metalica
some cookie cutter shit but it gets me going

gotta have slayer
im not a killer but dont push me

reminds me of the 90s when i was crusing around in my honda racing fools before all this fast and furious crap.
staying high and acting a fool,simpler times indeed

then I got to slow it down and get back to the roots


much much more i wont get into it.
but ssometimes I need to get away from the angry music and just chill out a bit thats when i hit up the oldies
remember whenever i heard rosie and the originals or the animals or war it was time to get the hell out the house cause mom was cleaning and if you dirtied her floor shed whoop your ass no mater if you was her kid or not. good time good times lol

Strapping Young Lad



Like I’m gonna just share my secret training playlist with all y’all.,jaaaayzus.

Anything by Bury Your Dead…



or August Burns Red



used to be all job for a cowboy, all shall perish, white chapel and megadeth. but lately its been like angerfist, dropkick murphys, bourbon crow and between the buried and me. so i went from like some metal and deathcore too sum techno, math metal, and… i dunno how to describe dropkick or bourbon crow lol.

I like your avatar 2jzgte, bad ass Jesus.

Pantera, Devildriver, Killswitch, Static X, Fear factory, Gojira, Hatebreed, Lamb of God, Sevendust, throwdown

Police Truck

It’s Gonna Be A Long Night

My training music has to be be loud, fast, and morally bankrupt.

August burns red x2

Black Dahlia Murder
Rage Against the Machine
Lamb of God
He is Legend

  1. BadBrains - with the quickness
  2. Hot Water Music - Manual
  3. System Of a Down - Know
  4. Metallica - Dyers Eve
  5. Deftones - Seven Words
  6. H2O - Liberate
  7. Bayside - I and I
  8. Murphys Law - Vicky Crown
  9. Sick of it All - The Underground.
  10. Bouncing Souls - Kate is Great
  11. Korn - Dead Bodies Everywhere
  12. Alkaline Trio - Fire Down Below
  13. AC/DC - If You Want Blood
  14. Anthrax - Caught in the Mosh
  15. Monty Love - No No Spot
  16. H2O - Like a Prayer
  17. Local H - High Fivin Mother Fucker
  18. Rancid - White Knuckle Drive
  19. Disturbed - Liberate
  20. Mastodon - Blood and Thunder

to name a few of my playlists