Training Muscles Two Days in a Row

Hi coach, I have a hard time going to the gym cause It’s very far away from where I live + I’m pretty busy + I don’t have a home Gym (Just bands and light dumbells).

I want ti progress my upper body (pretty Happy with my leg size at the Moment).

I was thinking about doing something like

Gym workout - low-ish reps (5-8rm)
Heavy Incline Barbell Press
Heavy Barbell Row
Weighted China
Weighted dips
Heavy Trap bar deadlift

The following day - Home workout High reps

Bands chest flies + bodyweight pushups
Bands straight arm pulldowns + dumbell rows
Bands Triceps pushdown (maybe add a mechanical drop set moving a step closer to where the band Is hanging)
Bands bayesian curl
Dumbell lateral raises

The work Will be very dense and i believe in under 30 minutes i Will have all the work done

Then rest 2-3 days (as needed) before hitting another Gym workout

How does this look like?