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Training Multiple Times a Day


I know this topic has been beaten to death, but I couldn't find anything with specifically what I had in mind so hear me out.

I was considering trying to split up workouts into 3 separate sessions. No increase in volume or anything, just split the workload throughout the day.


AM: Fasted cardio (walking or HIIT)
Noon: Biceps
Evening: Back

The idea in my mind is that your metabolism will be firing all day long, instead of primarily around the once daily training session. This may lead to better muscle gains due to increased effort in each session, better nutrient absorption and decrease in bodyfat due to an elevated metabolism throughout the entire day.

In your opinion, how much merit is there to this approach? Has anyone tried this?


I don't have any experience with training multiple times per day (other than separate cardio and weight sessions during contest prep), but the idea of getting to the gym 3 times a day seems a little ridiculous to me for someone who isn't making a living off of the sport. I guess I just don't know how I'd keep balance in my life if I was doing that, but if it fits well with your schedule and enables you to make better progress then more power to you


I train twice almost everyday. I absolutely love it. Make sure you're eating big though.


(1) Your line of reasoning is nonsensical or at the least very vague.

(2) Success leaves clues. Training 2x+/day doesn't seem what the majority of successful BBer do or have done. Training for strength is different. What makes you so special?


I did it only on the basis of working around my schedule. Sometimes I'd do part of a workout during lunch, and the rest after work.

I never really noticed a difference either way. Wasn't better, wasn't worse.

I suppose there might technically be some negative effects as far as CNS activation, but nothing that I noticed.


This is sort of what I was after. I have an hour lunch break but that's not enough time to get a full workout in. When I workout after work, I'm usually pretty beat when I'm moving on to my second muscle group.

Infinite_shore, I was referring to a constantly elevated metabolism from doing multiple sessions in a day. The alternative is me sitting my ass at my desk doing nothing physical for a majority of the day and then training after work.


Not sure about muscle gain, but twice a day training definitely worked for me when I was getting lean. A while ago I spent two months doing strength training in the morning 5-6 days a week and 20-30 minutes of conditioning (sprints, sled, ropes, some abdominal work) 2-4 times a week, done about 6 hours after the main session. Ended up the leanest I've ever been.

BUT I did that largely because I had the opportunity to do it without much "overhead" with the second session - I did the conditioning at uni after work, so it took me at most 10 minutes to change and get the equipment ready, then change back and lock the equipment back up. I'd love to be able to do it now, but it would take me about 60-70 minutes on top of the session to get to the gym and back.

In terms of muscle gain, I think a lot will depend on what your sessions look like and whether the compliment each other. If I was doing two lifting sessions a day, I'd probably start with something along the lines of:
AM: Activation (jumps, throws, OL) + strength work (moderate volume and not all out)
PM: Strength work (moderate volume, possibly pushing myself a bit more than in the morning) + assistance work


I'm pretty sure a lot of the 70s and 80s Bbers would do 2 a day splits


the bulgarians been training this way 50 years.. read up on how to train like the bulgarians..