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Training Muay Thai in Thailand!

Well, I’m finally making my exodus from the commie PRC. It has been far too long. However, before I return to the Land of the Free, I will be visiting–and training in–the Land of a Thousand Smiles…Thailand!

I’ve always been a wrestler with very little striking experience, so I figure that it would be a great opportunity for me to begin my foray into the world of striking alongside the founders of the discipline. Also I am in the worst shape of my life thanks to my year long stay in China with oily food and terrible workout facilities, and this would be a great jump start by into fitness.

This is part bragging…yes–you should envy me. But also I would like to know if anyone else has done something like this and how I can get the most out of it.

Right now I’ve been looking at a few gyms. I’m planning on staying in Phuket because it’s quiet, beautiful, and I don’t want to backtrack since I’m flying out of Bangkok, so here are the places I’ve been looking at. If you have a better suggestion let me know.


I’m looking for low-expense (I’m a poor overseas English teacher, so I’m not paid much), and high quality. I want this to be a good experience, so I’m willing to shell out some cash for a better place if it is actually going to be better.

Right now I’m waffling between bestmuaythai and mmaphucket. Both are cheaper than the first. bestmuaythai seems like it is very authentic Thai (complete with broken English on its website), which I can see as a pro and a con–pro because it will feel more real, con because it might not really be very serious and not actually help me improve. mmamuaythai has a very well put together website–almost too good. However, the prices are very reasonable, and it seems like what I am looking for…except that it seems to lack that real, authentic Thai feel, which is kind of the point of training in Thailand.

What do you guys think?

Oh yeah, I also get to enjoy this

and this

I think I hate you already. Have fun.

Bastard. I hope they train you like they did Jean Claude Van Damnne in Kickboxer. And break your legs!!

So jealous right now.

johnnytmt is over there right now i have some links for you later…

Hi Fiction. I’m a fighter living at mmaphuket. I’ve been to various gyms throughout Thailand and this is definitely the best IMO. I have trained in gyms that are “old school” Thai and it’s not as romantic as it seems. Many of these places only have limited space, concrete floors that destroy your feet and legs, bad hygiene, gym equipment that has got so out of shape it’s dangerous etc. I think mmaphuket has got the perfect blend of traditional Muay Thai culture and training methods (we train HARD here) and modern facilities, nutrition and professional trainers.

Phuket rules by the way! You will enjoy your time here. How long you going to stay?

plus I think you get to train with “Magic” Ray too right?

Yep magical Ray Elbe is the MMA instructor. The Muay Thai instructors are class, lots of Lumpini veterans holding victories over fighters such as Yodsanklai, Narupol, Samart Payakaroon and Buakaw.

Awesome! mmaphuket was the place I was really looking at. I was kind of thinking along the same lines–from my experience with tourism, you rarely get the romantic, authentic taste you expect, so it’s usually a let down. Also, I really like the 2500 baht all you can train program.

Unfortunately, I only have about a week. I’ll be leaving China in a couple days and leave Thailand from Bangkok on the 12th of July. I figured I’d train for a week, and then to some other touristy stuff like scuba diving, bungee jumping, and seeing the various sights like temples and trannies.

So how would I go about making reservations (I’d like to stay at the camp) or do I just show up?

Bump for this because I’m going to need it soon :slight_smile:

I am jealous. Always wanted to try Muay Thai. Thailand is beautiful as well. Atleast from what I have seen of it (use to be into the Betta fish hobby).

I’m planning to go to mmaphuket next year for month

Cool, everyone is coming to train! hehe

You can just turn up and something can be sorted out for you or you can make a reservation by contacting Info@TigerMuayThai.Com

Feel free to ask any more questions.

I remember someone saying on here that tigermuaythai has kind of a bad reputation. It seems pretty good though. What about fairtex bangkok?

[quote]Xen Nova wrote:
Bump for this because I’m going to need it soon :)[/quote]

I’ll write a review when I return.

Excellent dude, if you can keep a whole blog… start one at blogspot.com or something dude.

Oh Johnny, question

explain the nightlife, do you have time for any of that sort of thing, do the trainers look down on it, does it effect your training at all?

what does the training usually consist of (i’m assuming twice a day but is the usual pattern of events)

how much thai should you know before deciding to make the trip?

do you get a lot of 1 on 1 training (the high level coaches you mentioned holding pads for you, etc)

what kind of supplements can you get over there? I’ve heard (not sure how true this is) that Protein powder is illegal.

Food… how hard is it to get a lot of food and is there an adjustment period? By adjustment period i mean, are there certain things/places/etc to avoid that will give you food poisoning or the shits in general.

what in your opinion is the best way to prepare prior to going to thailand? I’m sure the weather and other conditions can’t be replicated very easily but what other things can you do to prepare?

How long would you reccomend staying before having your first fight in thailand?

how much money do you think you should bring with you?

is there a means to get a job/steady income somehow?

I’m debating between going to thailand or brazil and spending ~6-12months there. Brazil I’m more familiar with culturally (food, language, women :smiley: ), but Thailand interests me more as far as fighting…

I can’t really say much about the nightlife as I take Muay Thai very seriously and have never had a drink in my life so don’t go out. However many people training at the camp do go out regularly to the local party town Patong and it isn’t looked down upon at all.

Training is twice a day. You can find the Muay Thai training schedule at http://tigermuaythai.com/muay-thai-

The MMA schedule is on mmaphuket.com

You don’t really need to know any Thai, as most places you go to in Phuket the people will be able to speak English.

You get 1 on 1 training at every session (pads, technique, clinching etc.)

You can get alot of supplements here. Protein powder is NOT ILLEGAL. I heard that before aswell, don’t know where it came from. They have GNC stores here and TigerMuayThai just got a deal with a supplement company and are going to start selling supplements such as protein, glutamine, creatine etc in the camp shop soon.

Food here is the best in the world IMO and very cheap. There is a “chicken shack” just down the road that sells grilled and fried chicken and fish for around 15 baht a piece. I have a good stomach for Thai food so can eat anything but for people with more sensitive stomachs there are loads of places that do western food.

Erm, as far as preparing for training I would say skip rope ALOT as we do alot of rope skipping and generally are up on our toes 6 hours a day. Most people have really sore calves for a week.

It really depends on your level of experience. A month is a good time to prepare for a fight for someone who has experience as your body will have a chance to get used to the conditions and you can really get the Thai style down.

I just brought my ATM card with me. You can live very cheap if you do everything Thai style but it’s up to everyone to sort out their own budget.

Some people get a job teaching English that pays well. I pay the rent by earning money from fighting, you could give that a try! :slight_smile:

[quote]Xen Nova wrote:
Excellent dude, if you can keep a whole blog… start one at blogspot.com or something dude.

Yeah, it’ll depend on how busy I am there. If I’m uber busy, I’ll just take notes through the camp and write a review at the end. If I have some time, I’ll start a blog and update it daily.

How old are you/what kind of job do you have where you can afford to take 6-12 months out to train in another country?

22, independent financial analyst, stunt work (doing more now), working on my photog portfolio but I’ve done a few shoots for chicks I know (pretty easy/cool money actually) and a few weddings, and hopefully soon- Professional Fighter… I volunteer with kids too (lol).

I do a lot, the guy i work for as long as I can get a great internet connection i can still trade…and he understands he used to box… Photog work and stunt work I can put on hold.

That said, I’ll fucking quit everything and rather pursue life than just work and slave away. I’m too young for that shit and i’ll never get these years back.

I’d rather go do it and come back to nothing than still have the itch when i’m 45 and not be able to do anything with any/all money I make.

oh…and I live with my dad and on a strict budget, so i save quite a bit.