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Training Morning or Night


Im curious to hear what guys like to train in the morning and who at night, im trying both now to see what i like more. So i want to hear whats your prefrance?


middle of the day :slight_smile:

*less crowded
*more energy
*middle of my work day (can sleep in and not have to work out after working all day in a gym)


Evening, no scientific reason. When I started rowing in highschool we trained in the evening, when I started pushing weights in University, I went after school in the evening, my Olympic Lifting team lifts in the evening.


for some reason even now im usually more tired i like to train and be able to come outside and have it be dark dunno why haha


It depends mainly on what your current sleep pattern is like and how you handle cortisol. If you have a problem with sleeping, training in the evening may be affecting you because you are still wired from training and cortisol is raised, whilst test is lower. If this is the case, training in the AM is much better due to test been higher and cortisol been raised will not be an issue.

This is obviously very individual...but I personally train in the AM.



10:00 am religiously, I am a frikken animal at 10:00am. i have although, heard that the neuromuscular syatems "readiness" is sharpest beetween 14:00-18:30 (2:00-6:30 PM) and therefore optimal for strength training sessions. with my schedule that wouldnt be possible though.

 My experience and observations on many individuals that i have trained will lead me 2 suggest u:        1: train on SET schedule (for example 3:00pm; mon-tues-thur-fri)(youll become an animal @ 3:00pm)

2: go when its convenient 2 ur work and school schedule( pretty important)
3: go when its not 2 crowded (unless u wanna c alot of fitness bunnies, then go when its crowded)jokin!


Apparently the peak strength occurs at 3-4 & 10-11 (might be 9-10) hours after waking. I've tried lots of different times, personally I notice little difference. Although most of the time I train 3 hours after waking, prefer in the morning after 1 meal for some reason.


During the week, usually around 5pm, I'm more awake, definitely stronger, and better focused. On Saturdays though, I have to go at 10 am, and it usually takes me a while to get going. My weights are also lower than they would be if I waited a few hours, my CNS must still be sleepy :slight_smile:



Afternoon/evening. I've tried to adapt to training in the mornings, but no fucking way... Too weak then, even if I wake up at 3-4 already.

I need to have 2-3 meals at the very least in me to be able to go all-out in the gym.


Alot of guys get their carido out in the morning go home and eat, then go back to the gym a bit later and lift weights, but ofcourse that's a cutting area, but if it was an easy cardio sesh then it could be done for just your cardio 3x a week.


I'm stronger in the PM. This is for sure. But.. I work long hours, commute over an hour each way and have two kids. So night time just doesn't work out consistantly. By working out in the morning before work I am super consistant. I think this is more important than being 100% but being inconsistant.


Whenever you have time; if time is not an issue, then whenever you feel strongest.

For me, that's 6-8pm.


I have the option to workout on my lunch break (1pm) or when I get home after work and dinner. (8pm). I always feel stronger and put up better numbers at 1pm. I think I get a little weary by 8pm. It's not a huge difference but I have noticed it. I'm up at 7am every day so I think have more energy at 1.


I lifted in the mornings (5:30) for about a year. I got used to getting up early, but my body was never really ready for squats or deadlifts. Everything felt heavy as fuck, and my body wasn't ready for that type of thing. I also injured my back deadlifting that early, which put me out of the gym for about a month.

Never again. Once I moved back to early evenings after work it was amazing how good I felt. My body was ready to work and didn't feel so "bound up" for lack of a better word.


USed to train in the evening, but now i have changed jobs and have a family so am forced to train at 7am. It took 4-6 weeks of feeling really shitty in every trip to the gym before i adapted and became used to it.


I have to go at 6am to fit it all in with sports specific training and class.....i dont mind it, kind of gives me a mental toughness that i like.


You had me for the most part, but then you lost me when you started typing in text lingo... WTF man?

Anyway, I typically train at ~6-7am. Mondays I have been going in the afternoon, but this throws my Tuesday deadlifts off, so I am going to need to change it. I have trouble arriving to the gym still groggy. I am going to get something with caffeine to take beforehand.

Coffee, redbulls, other suggestions?


I get up early, but just to walk the dog (when it is only in the high 70s) and so I can eat breakfast.

I hit the gym after work weekdays and middle of the day on weekends.


Have an ice cold shower when you wake up....ha! thats what i do......


Personally it doesn't matter. I train around 8pm normally but I've trained at midnight, 3am, etc, etc. I load up, put my Ipod on, and its war. I mainly like it too be somewhat clear of idiots. 130lb fruitcups putting on a show by standing in a semi-ghey position doing curls with the set weight bars.