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Training More on Weekends to Make Up for Missed Sessions?

So this week i started in my second job as a mail carrier. Its from 4.30 am to 8.30 am. Then i have school from 9am till 3.30pm, and then i go to my second job from 4pm till 10.15pm. Then i take the bus and are usually home at 11, and then i go to sleep. This caused me to miss my workouts.

On fridays i only have school, so i can train at least once on friday. I have saturday and sunday off, so my question is can i do two workouts on saturday and sunday.
Im running the best damn program where i do three push and pull workouts a week, so can i do one push on friday, then two pull workouts on saturday and two push on sunday?

Could this work?

I see nothing wrong with 3 days of training however considering mon-Thursday you’re going from 4:30-11:00pm (and I’m assuming you’re getting up at least by 3:30 to get ready? You’re literally leaving yourself 4 1/2 hours to sleep 4 days a week? Man this is not the best sleep habits to recover from training not to mention to be at your best for your jobs and school.

I understand you gotta do what you gotta do to put bills. However this may be one of those times in life you just do minimal work in the gym and don’t pile on more stress. Maybe just do PPL Friday Saturday Sunday. And don’t do a ton of volume. Just stimulate and move on. Your work ethic is admirable however.

Regardless working out 3 days a week not a big deal, getting 4 1/2 hours of sleep a night is a big deal.

Yeah i’ve found a way to optimise my sleep, so on my way home i eat dinner on the bus, get home at 11 and go right to sleep. And i wake up at 4 am, so its 5 hours, i know its suboptimal but i have tons of energy during the day so it works. Also, the best damn workout program is very low volume, one work set per muscle per workout, so 3 work sets per muscle per week. I’m done with school in june and im saving up cash right now, so its only temporally
Hopefully this works out:)

Yeah if you’re younger you can probably handle it then. No kids, spouse etc and just work and train lol. That kind of life is so foreign to me since I’ve been a parent so long.

Yeah if you’re just working up to top sets and not doing 50 working sets I don’t know why it would be an issue. That plan is meant to be done over 6 day period of like 30 minute training sessions but combining 2 of them wouldn’t be an issue. It would just be an hour training session maybe 75 minutes that’s no big deal. And honestly still not that many working sets when combined.

Been on a similar schedule before. It’s not the best, but yeah, sometimes it’s all you can do.

Do you really want to do CT’s plan? Totally fine if you do, but how about 5/3/1? Just do squats and bench on day 1, superset squats with abs and bench with rows, then on day 2 do deadlifts/abs and press/chin-ups. I also think Jim has an article on here about that - look up “training for busy men” or something like that.

Any training should work, just keep it to a minimum, be smart, and eat/sleep well. Good for you for making the sacrifices to better yourself.

What are your goals right now?

@Reed has done two days a week and got amazing results. Not sure if he’ll see this or not, but hopefully he’ll chime in

I would just advise to keep up on sleep during those free weekends. Training as has been said here can work well.