Training Methods

Salut Christian!

I just read your Question of Strength 60, and as always I enjoyed reading your writings and points of view. Congratulations

I was really amazed when I read: “…37 training methods…not loading schemes included”! WOW, such a gigantic repertoire to choose from

It would be totally out of the scope of this forum to talk about every method and loading scheme. But could you just give us a list of that 37 methods, and loading schemes so we can do nos devoirs and read about them?

It’s funny because now I can´t get to remeber more than 6 maybe 8 and it´s driving me crazy!!! LOL :frowning:

Merci beaucoup :+1:

Well the methods include variations of broader methods, and I have something like 50 loading schemes… that is also outside the scope of a forum post. I’ll see what I can do.

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There are a bunch of methods listed in this thread from a few months ago.

Thanks a lot CT
Aie-toi une bonne semaine!

Thanks for the link recommendation. I will look into it. It would be awesome if CT would give such a great list

Have a nice week :+1: