Training methods

Lately, my training intensity has dropped (due to the fact I’m trying to write my dissertation for grad. school), anyway I was wondering what different kinds of programs some of you t-maggers have used? Meltdown training looks good, although I am a hybrid between bodybuilding/powerlifting and I don’t want my strength to drop. I’m a fairly big man (6’4, 285lbs, 18%BF)and wasn’t sure if meltdown would be a good program for me to be on. My goal is to get down to @ 10-12%BF without much strength loss. This has been hard in the past in which I went from 300lbs to 225lbs (on stage)and the strength went in the shitter. Nowdays I’m more interested in strength, but my main goal is to be the biggest MFer in the gym. Any programs or links where I can find a good program would be appreciated.

My schedule has been a bit hectic lately, so I’ve had to make changes to my workout program. Currently, I do two Renegade weight training days in the gym. One day for lower body, focusing on heavy deadlifts. The other day for upper body, focusing on incline presses. The other three days a week, I’m doing short (30-45 minute) kettlebell workouts.

Hey swoledawg, I’m in the same situation. I would also like to lose some bodyfat and not lose strength. I’m more into strength and function, then the way I look, but losing a few pounds of fat wouldn’t be bad. Here’s what I plan to do when I start “cutting” up around Feb. First the workout I will be using will be a full on Renegade training program for the fist 8-12 weeks. My boy Nate Dogg can appreciate this. He’s a renegade all the way. I want to be a full on athletic machine next semmester due to all the recreational sports I will be involved in. After 8-12wks of that which Coach Davies said would help burn fat and even ADD some muscle on, will be a hybrid that include some westside training that I’m currently on. Westside rules for strength!!! Trust me. I will also add in some of Ian’s principles about amount of sets, reps, muscle balances and some of his KEWL (that’s cool) exercise programs along with it. I will stay on some of Coach Davies’s speed and GPP stuff also. I will have to plan this well because I have a tendancy to overtrain, so I will have to watch and plan accordingly. This way I can keep my strength, add some functional aspects, and lose some bodyfat. Now for the “diet”(I hate that word, sounds like I’m some sort of housewife)I will be doing JB’s don’t diet program. I might start out with a maintaince cycle so I can have all the energy I need to do the workouts. Supplements is going to be the most intense “cycles” I’ve done all year. MD6, some left over T2, Methoxy-7 and Androsol. Of course MRP’s, protein and DEFINETLY SURGE!!! MD6 and T2 to help burn that nasty fat, and Methoxy and Androsol to help me keep the muscle and HOPEFULLY not lose any strength. Hope this helps.

Everyone here has great ideas… I think that the renegade training is a good plan.

How about HIIT (high intensity interval training)?

Seems that this is a great way to burn body fat without catabolizing the precious muscle tissue.

Of course the knowledge that I possess on this type of training is about 2-3 years old.

Not sure if there have been conflicting papers on this.

In my estimation, you first have to decide whether your goal is purely muscular growth or if you are going to maintain the hybrid nature of Powerlifting. This will also help you decide your nutritional needs. If I can be of help - just ask. <Nate & Sisco, thanks for the kind words> In faith, Coach Davies

Coach Davies…

So I know that nutrition is one of the most important factors when it comes to losing body fat. But if I wanted to speed up the process which would be better?

1 hour of constant jogging
30 min of HIIT?

I know that renegade training will kick my ass into good shape, but I’ve been debating the two aforementioned fat burning techniques.

Thank you very much for all the input that you can give me.

I apologize if this sound non-commital but I think it depends upon your like/dislikes as the success of the program is greatly determined by your committment. I would pass on the jogging unless you have a solid background. In place of jogging, I think rope work and non-weighted GPP (modest levels) would be greater benefit than an hour of road work and not break you down. I am always concerned over so much road work because of the high incidence of injuries. I think you might also consider a series of med ball workouts that will assist in core strength as well as enhance recovery from more difficult workouts. I will be pleased to discuss further if you wish. In faith, Coach Davies

If commitment is not an issue, then the higher intensity exercises would be better? At least, that is what I can gather.

Core exercises are covered via, dumbbell snatches, iron crosses, turkish get-ups, and overhead squats. I tried crosshand pushups but couldn’t visualize the movement. I read the post on it but remained confused.

Thanks for all your help Coach.

Hey, I can’t help you with your problem, but maybe you can help me w/ mine…I’m a ‘big guy’ as well;6’6,275 and about 20% (or more ) BF…can you tell me what YOUR workout is-YOUR diet and how you got in shape & dumped the fat…? Thanks in advance for any help

I have heard recently from a number of coaches who use HIT systems to discuss incorporating the exercises you mentioned in their programs. I apologize if my description doesnt come across well. Please email me (easily found in tc’s readers mail over the last month) and I will gladly send you the pictures to describe it. In faith, Coach Davies

Hey Knightmale…

The diet that has given me the best results in the past (before t-mag) was the ketogenic diet found in the book Body Opus by Dan Duchaine. That guy is a nut, but the science behind the ketogenic diet is fairly sound.

The only thing I tried to maintain was a isocaloric diet. The idea behind that was to retard the rebound after coming off the diet.

I lost mondo weight while doing it. Lots of body fat and some muscle, but that’s basically inevitable.

Check out the diets that are listed within t-mag. the fat fast diet sounds the most promising. The hypocaloric part kinda freaks me out, but everyone who has done it has gotten good results. Theory only goes so far. It’s the data that counts.

Oh, and meltdown training (do a search) sounds the like the best while doing this sort of a diet.