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Training Methods in a Squat Suit?

I am wanting to get into a single ply, maybe even multi ply… my raw squat right now in wraps is around 525… what can I expect out of a single ply?

most important how do you guys train when competing geared… are you working raw for so many weeks then transition into gear or start off with it immediately?

25-200lbs ( seriously )

Starting off I like to do raw heavy work ( rpe 8-9 ) then add briefs and 10-15% bar weight for 2-3 sets of 2-3.

Do the same thing week 2.

Then week 3 add suit straps down.

Do a raw week.

Then a week of briefs
a week of suit straps down
a week of suit straps up

So 7 weeks. It’s a good intro into gear, or you can say screw it and push from day 1 :slight_smile:

Then once you’re in gear and used to it I’d say full gear every 3-6 weeks then more frequently as you get closer to a meet. Spend some time in the suit with straps up in the 85%-90% range.

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Friends / training partners with experience is huge here. I don’t train geared, but the people I know who do really make effort to train with experienced geared lifters. There is just a lot to learn.

have no one around here thats into gear so I will have help but no experience

Just going off of what my friends have told me here, but I think geared lifting requires more technique practice to master.

You may want to find people who can help you. Some people probably are more natural with it.

Maybe you could hire a coach online if nobody around you knows how to do it.

I’ve only ever worn a bench shirt for fun, so maybe I am off base here.

This is fine. Just seek out experience and feedback on your lifts via the internet.

If you’re moving into single ply, I recommend getting a pair of briefs to work in most of the time. The suit is no where near as hard to learn as a shirt. Just sit back harder into the suit or briefs. You’ll be fine.

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what can be expected from briefs, and then briefs and single ply together?

Bite marks and bruises most likely. Single ply especially seems to bite into the skin.


haha nice! I would like to try a Leviathan Pro but do not really get to use a monolift, and I’m told you cant walk out with a suit on

You’ll wear your suit out faster training in it. Use briefs and save the suit. Depending on the federation, you can wear the briefs under your suit in competition.

BTW, I’ve seen guys walk squats out using multiply gear.

Even if it wears out “faster” you should be training in your suit, you can’t train for geared lifting if you don’t train in your suit. Straps up is a complete game changer compared to briefs/suit straps down.

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Expect 25-200lbs.

You can walk out in canvas/multiply but you’ve got to be super efficient with your walkout. It just sucks getting it down to 2-3 steps with no wasted movement.

Oh I agree 100% that the suit is vastly different feel. We just train most the the time in briefs for the reasons I gave. We still train straps up but always for singles. The difference for me is the amount of pressure I feel. Briefs are easier than the suit but I don’t know many people who do multiple reps straps up. We believe and have benefitted briefs will make you stronger over time than relying only working in the suit.

Sure getting stronger raw or in briefs is almost always going to make your suited squat go up but you’ve got get solid training in with straps up or you’ll never maximize your suited squat potential.

( That doesn’t mean I’m saying go full suit every week )

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Just make sure you trust your spotters and they pay attention. I was using a bench shirt one time and almost dropped over 400lbs on my face because I misgrooved but my spotter saved me. Everything else will come with practice.

Like this?


Yessir scary stuff