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Training Methods for Lifters on TRT

I am curious, since being on TRT I can manipulate my testosterone levels to the highest end range without doing a super physiological dose. But does being on TRT where you bring your free testosterone and total testosterone levels to a very high threshold without abusing it change what you can do with your programming?

Is it best to do programs that are catered to someone who is considered a natural lifter, or does being on TRT with top end ranges make you somewhat enhanced? Iv’e been doing a program designed for natural lifters the last year, but since being on TRT my workout capacity and ability to recover has changed dramatically.

So I am wondering if a program with more volume might be beneficial. I don’t know if TRT doses of testosterone leads to consistently elevated protein synthesis and other things of the like that a steroid cycle would do itself. So curious on peoples opinions on this.

The best thing you can count on TRT is faster recovery as you’ve experienced I guess. So you can incorporate a program with more volume and to be able to be recovered for the next session. This will for sure lead to better results. So I guess you need to train as a “natural” lifter but a good trainer will adjust it according to your capabilities for recovery which will be enhanced compared to a guy with average testosterone levels.

AAS users use different types of training programs. There are many precision things there that matter so you can gain the maximum from the cycle. There is one BIG misconception in the TRT community - steroids are NOT testosterone in higher doses. So being on TRT is not anywhere near similar to steroids. Steroids work on many different levels to produce the magnificent results they give, unfortunately at big price of our health.


You would train no different then someone not on trt. There is more things then test involved in growth and recovery.
I have seen allot of older men think that they now are younger . Because their T level is now elevated to a level of what it was when they was younger. Truth is they aren’t

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I think what he’s trying to point out is that . True medical trt is no where going to raises one’s level equal to someone running actual cycles.

What exactly is not clear man

No what I want to point out is that AAS cycle is not only about rising the testosterone levels. Do you know what is the Trenbolon’s anabolic rate to testosterone compared mg to mg?

Yes I am aware it’s not even comparable. I see guys using Tren claiming its for TRT which is bullshit .


No. TRT gives someone a normal capability. That’s all.

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It likely changed because you went from abnormal T values to normal ones. So the TRT brought to normal functioning.


Lol yeah, plenty of competitors, even coaches doing this because they feel it makes their methods and results seem more impressive.

Meanwhile as Brick pointed out, actual Dr prescribed TRT will bring you into a normal range, nothing more.

I like to use Alpha Male which is OTC, but when I got my test checked I was just under 700 (I’m 46). Now I honestly believe it helps me with my recovery, but no reputable doctor is gonna put me on TRT with my blood values -lol



Key word being reputable.

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The drugs commonly prescribed for TRT, different esters of testosterone, are in fact steroids. Just because they aren’t tren or deca, dianabol, etc. doesn’t mean that they aren’t steroids.

The dosing, medical necessity etc. are different, but the actual substances used are in fact steroids.

Testosterone is the primary male sex hormone and an anabolic steroid.

But yeah, TRT isn’t steroids…

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