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Training Method to Improve Arms? Type 3

Hi Chris,

I want to bring up my arms as they are very underdeveloped compared to the rest of my body. I have been training my arms 2 times a week. Usually a larger body part then followed with biceps training or triceps training separately. I also have a dedicated arm day where I train my biceps and triceps together once every two weeks. What do you think? Too much volume or too little?

For the arm day, I usually do the heavier compound movement first (close-grip bench, barbell curl) and followed by isolation movements while incorporating drop sets, super sets, etc. When I train my biceps or triceps after training larger body part, I just do 2-3 isolation movements light-moderate weight.

I have also been training my legs once in two weeks for almost a couple months, as I am happy with what they are now (my quads grow easily and my calves are still 1 inch bigger than my arms flexed) so that I have energy to improve weak body parts especially my arms, they don’t seem to be decreasing in size as my measuring tape suggests.

Looking through your training log, you have no set arm workout or method of progression whatsoever - it’s just different exercises for different reps, sometimes 1x26 and sometimes 3x14.

Here’s an old thread where CT outlined an arm specialization workout:

Follow the program to a T, give it a go for 4 weeks, and take before and after measurements. Tracked progression, whether percentage-based or not, is the unifying factor amongst effective programs. Gonna be impossible to track progression with what you’re doing now.

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I don’t track all of my workouts, I didn’t log once in a while. But yeah, I found it hard to progressively overload on smaller body parts especially my arms. Been stuck on doing 55-70 lbs skull crushers with moderate amount of reps for a while. I don’t respond well with super heavy weights too, so if I try to overload the weight, I’ll end up getting injured. Thanks for the advice

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Goddamn that’s a lot of frequency. I probably just don’t train my arms frequently enough then.