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Training Maximally From Beyond 5/3/1


With the base template, the book has you going up in 10 per cent jumps. I figure if your training max for squat and DL are between 440 lbs and around 550 lbs you’re probably going to be fine making 45 lbs jumps right up until you’re at 70 per cent or so simply because it is simpler than mucking around with smaller plates. Then you might want to start using five and 10 lbs plates and even fractionals once you’re at the upper end. Same for press and bench, going up in 25 lbs jumps should be fine if your TMs are around 200-300 lbs, until you reach the 70 per cent mark or so?

I don’t see how it would hurt, but hopefully Jim or someone who has done the template could clarify.


What is your question exactly? Can you just do easy plate numbers for warmups on the early sets? Yes, I think the only reason for listing the earlier jumps as 10% is that its easier than explaining what you said above and if he didn’t put something people would be constantly asking or think they don’t need to warmup before 70% because the book didn’t specifically say to.


That’s kind of what I figured. The base template has you start at 10%, then work up to 100% in 10% jumps (and beyond in joker sets if you want). Like you said, I think it works better written that way because there is less explaining to do but in practice approximating the jumps with 45 and 25 lbs for lower and upper body lifts will be more efficient (20 and 10 kg for me). When you’re beyond that 70% mark 5 lbs even can make more of a difference so you’d want to actually use exact percentages.