Training Maximally for Meet Prep?

Have 8 weeks till my 3rd meet, has anyone had any experience with training maximally from beyond?

Yeah it was the program I did when I bought Beyond. Feels like the predecessor to later programs like Leviathan and Coffinworm.

I made decent strength gains adding one rep to the TM set each week along with 1-2 Jokers and 3-5 downsets. It’s a fun way of training and ultimately quite simple. Jim says you can work up to the TM/PR set however you like, and then you get to hit some heavy weights. I enjoyed it and would recommend it.

However heed his advice on the nature of this program. Obviously it’s not periodized and spelt out for you like other ones so you’ve gotta make sure you think things through and also don’t forget to deload.

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I ran it for a while. It worked pretty well, and you can definitely tailor it to work up to a meet. As always, be very careful with your joker sets. I’d probably leave them out entirely apart from maybe one week a month out from meet day to work up to a fatigued max so you can calculate what attempts to take.

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Thanks for the reply guys,
Being 8 weeks out will just be sticking to 5x3-5 fsl for supplemental so
Day 1-Bench press-beyond. Fsl-5x5. assistance-50-100 total push/pull. Condition easy.
Day 2-Squat-beyond. Fsl deadlift-5x3. Assistance 50-100 total single leg/core. Condition easy.
Day 3-Press-beyond. Fsl close grip bench-5x5. Assistance 50-100 total push/pull. Condition easy.
Day 4-Deadlift-beyond. Fsl squat-5x5. Assistance-50-100 total single leg/core. Condition easy.