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Training Max Percentage while Changing Templates

I have a question after reading most of the Forever book. I noticed that each template has a different percentage for the templates. For example, some have a training max for 85%-90% yet another template would call for 80%. My question is how do you adjust your training max from template to template? I ask because I started off getting my e1rm and making a training max for BBB then transitioned to prep school. Im looking to move to another template from forever but i’m pretty sure that my current training max is set for 90% and the template I want to use is at 80%. I would test my maxes or use the last set of my lift to find a 1rm but with the 5’s pros Im only hitting 5 reps and then moving on.

If I am moving from a 90% to an 85% then I’ll adjust the TM by the usual 5/10lbs as normal then reduce the TM by 5%. I’ll then run a TM test on the deload week.

You could divide your TM by the TM percentage and then multiply by the new TM percentage. To get a more precise number.

You could adjust your TM by 5/10lbs after working out the new TM.

It all falls to about the same number so I do what’s simplest and makes sense in my brain.

The thing to avoid is establishing a new 1RM and setting the TM based on that.

Remember the 7th Week protocol can be used as a testing week as well. And if you recall, the book says you need to hit a solid 3 for 90%TM, and a solid 5 for 85%TM. Meaning, if on the 7th week that’s the number of reps you hit with your current TM, you know roughly what % it represents. For 80%, you could maybe look at 7-8 solid reps, with good barspeed, but no more good reps in the tank after those reps.

Moving from 90 to 80%, simply test the TM with 7th Week, if you hit 7-8, use that number, if you hit more, increase TM by 5 and 10lbs depending on lift. If you hit less, say 5 reps, then your TM is roughly 85%, so with that number you calculate a current estimated 1RM, and take 80% of that.

Well, since i train for strenght i always end my planed training cycle with a 1RM test… and from that you can calculate whatever percentages you need for your next training cycle :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone that all makes perfect sense. I have only done one testing period so far and currently trying to read through Forever.