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Training Max Catching Up to Actual Max/Implementing GHR

Hey Jim,
im using the standard 5/3/1 routine for about a year now and my deadlift has gone up from 117,5kg training max to a 165kg training max without any resets now. Hitting 140kg for 5 reps last workout, i felt like hitting my true 5RM. Shall I continue with the program until facing the next plateau and drop it for 2-3 cycles, or should i consider a reset detached from the plan?

Also, im using BBB assistance most time, and i wonder how i can implement GHR to my lower body training.
Thanks in advance and for the great program and book, really pushed up my strength :slight_smile:

Once you’ve reached your “max”, generally stick to the 5/3 for awhile (unless you go on a good run…even then it’s advisable to stick to 5/3 and use Jokers).

GHR’s are a very simple assistance lift - not a supplemental lift, so 2 sets each training day would suffice. With the work load of BBB, it’s best to not add much. There is no room for addition without subtraction. Especially when you add a movement that isn’t “big” or matters too much in the grand scheme of things.


What do you mean sticking to 5/3 and doing joker sets?

As for now, my weeks are 3+ / 5 / 5/3/1+ and RM on every week for 1 rep as on strength challenge, also sometimes if I feel great do one joker set.

As BBB exercises I do DL on SQ day and etc.

You may have to do a search for the article, but basically the 5/3 is going forward 5 cycles and then go back 3 cycles. Just rinse and repeat. I believe the discussion on that is somewhere in this forum.