Training Lower Body with Lipedema?

Sorry for this specialist question - it only makes sense if you are familiar with Lipedema.

I have a female friend who suffers from Lipedema (not Lymphedema). She wants to train whole body but is worried it will make her Lipedema worse. Should she just stick to upper body work or will squats and deads aggravate her condition.
Anyone got any familiarity with this issue?


When I googled it, BBB, it said it was elevated fat storage in the lower body, and the fat was generally painful and difficult or impossible to remove (either surgically or through diet and exercise). I’d never heard of the condition, and don’t think any of the women here have it.

I’m going to say that I have this…perfect excuse for my fat legs.

Yes, before anyone slightly pear-shaped gets excited and claims lipodema, it’s not really the same. (Unpleasant picture warning!)