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Training Lower Body 2x/Week

I’m sure all of you train your body 2x a week, some 3x, maybe more, maybe less. But either way I’m just wondering, if on one of my lower body days I’m doing a 5RM max on deadlifts, then assistance…what should I do for my other lower body day… I wanna do squats, but I don’t wanna burnout…so is it good for me to just do some sets of 8?..Aside from that, I wanna know what the rest of you all do…how you set-up your templates!

I do both deads and squats 2x week. If you’re doing 5RM one day, do 3x10 @ 60%PR the other day. Oh, and don’t do RM for both deads and squats on the same day. Alternate.

Let’s say you Deadlift for 5x5 or 6x3 or some shit like that, but heavy of course. You could could Front squats for 3x8 with light weight or do Lunges for high reps or do ATG squats 4x10 to work on form. But just try not to go heavy on Deads and Squats. Go heavy on one, and go lighter on the other.

And if you squat heavy one day, do Stiff leg deadlifts for 3x8 or Sumo Deads for 5x5, just don’t go heavy on both. Wish I could help more.

Also, think about full body workouts…you can squat up to three times a week and dead twice a week and not even feel hurt. Just depends on how much you vary the training

Wish i could help more

You shouldn’t burn out squating and DL’ing once each, in the same week. You’re young and your body can handle it. You’re probably off right now for the summer right? If so you can rest a lot. If overtraining is a major concern include both squat and DL in a weekly routing but start lighter then you can handle. Then over the next 3 months start working the weights up so by the 6th week or so you’re squating and dl’ing heavy but your body can handle the cns strain because you’ve worked your way into it.

I alternate. Deads and associated movements on one day, then three days later do squats, etc. Then three days later do deads again. I also alternate between low sets and higher reps and high sets and low reps.

I squat 3x a week and deadlift twice, keep on getting stronger too. What’s this burning out you speak of?


A while back I had high-bar full squats on Monday, and deadlifts on Wednesday.

On Monday, I worked on compensatory acceleration/bar speed at ~70% weights, usually for 6-10 sets of 3. I terminated the session when bar speed slowed, and the next session would add sets. Bumped up the weights when I achieved 9-10 sets all with good snappy bar speed.

Did this for a good 3 months, and set PRs on both deadlifts and squats. I found that deadlift day was minimally affected by the squat day.

Take this for what its worth,


Well burning out, I’d expect squatting 3x a week and deadlifting twice a week would burn a person out, because of all that stress put upon their body. Thanks for the help guys…I’m going to deadlift heavy once a week, and lighter squat for a 2nd leg session.

I’m also thinking of just having 2 light squat days actually, and putting it in my bench days. Of course, after one week of heavy deadlifting, the next week I’ll probably switch to heavy squat…or i might just go 3 weeks heavy deadlift, then alternate it with a heavy squat after that 3 weeks. Thanks for the help!

I made great progress with a deadlift variation on ME day and working up to a 10 RM in the Olympic squat to get form down while still working hard and getting something out of it on the next day along with some higher rep unilateral (8-15) work the second leg day.

What are your goals? That will have a big effect on things.

Personally I’m going for strength first and size second.

So over the course of 2 weeks (have time to train 6 times, 3 upper 3 lower) I will squat heavy in the 3-5 rep range twice and in the 8-12 rep range once. If I do conventional deads its after the light squats.

If i was mainly interested in my 1 rep max I would be using a more westsidish ME day for heavy days.

If I was more interested in size I would probably do: Heavy day max weight for 1-5 reps, medium day 3-5 working sets 4-6 reps, light day 2-4 sets 8-12 reps.

My exercises beyond squats/deads are mostly done by feel. If I had to struggle with every ounce of energy with my squats my other work isnt going to be as taxing and higher rep. If I didnt feel like I was going to shit myself for the last rep of squats I will probably hit 1-2 accessory movements hard going for a PR in the 5-8 rep range.