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Training long head of the bicep (outside)

I saw pumping iron today. Arnolds biceps were like big rectangles. However, mine are larger on the inside, the short head. How can I train the outer head, grip wider on curls? grip shorter? What?

Many people will disagree completely with the theory of specialization within a muscle, so be prepared for that. However, I would side with the implication of your question and suggest that emphasis can be changed between heads in a muscle.

With that out of the way, try incline curls with an offset grip. Set the bench hight to an angle 45 degrees or lower (as low as you can without feeling strain on your teres minor).

Hold the dumbbell so that your pinkies are snug up against the inside plate. The tendency of the bell will be to drop lateraly, but you must keep it level throughout the entire range of motion. And get to a FULL stretch at the bottom of each rep, none of this 3/4’s rep performed only at the easiest part of the strength curve.

Aside from that, using a narrow grip on BB curls should help.

Let me know how you do.

how big are you arms?
i hear this type of question asked all the time (not that i have big arms!). first thing i tell 'em all is the famous arnie quote
“you cant sculpt a pebble, make a bolder first then scultpt away”
if you havent got at least 17-18inch arms just keep pumping away.

Try lying back on an incline bench to do curls.use med. weight w/ a 313 tempo.they will be on fire by the 2nd set

Guru X

14.5 inch arms.
Thansk for the advice. I will try the incline bench thing. and the shorter grip curls.

Narrow grip for the outside wider for the inside when it comes to biceps.