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Training Logs


I remember a thread where this has been covered before, but all I turned up with the search feature was coaches training logs, mostly elite lifts.

I'm looking for an online training log. One that will allow me to see progress in the form of a graphs, or other visuals would be a plus, in addition to a daily log of reps/sets/weight etc. I've found a couple online myself but am curious as to what others use. Plus most of what i've seen are runners logs and such. How many of you are happy with an online journal, and which one?


I simply put my log in excel.


I use this:

On the left side near the bottom is a link for "fitness planner" It allows you to track your food intake, aerobic exercise, as well as weight training programs. It gives you the charts you are seeking etc. To this point, it's been the best free site of it's kind on the web that i've seen. It does not take too much to get used to using it either. Good luck!