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I’ve been training for about seventeen years now and have always gotten great results through training by “feel.” In other words, I remember what methods work and employ those methods, I remember which methods don’t work, and avoid them. A friend of mine told me I should work out with a training log. I have had very intense workouts in the past, and god knows I’ve thrown-up after squats, but a training LOG? That’s going too far. excreting form the mouth is one thing, but walking around with a log in your underwear is crazy!

I’ve been training for 20-years now. Last year was the first year I have begun a log. It was primarilly used for our strongman training, but it “crept” into our regular weight training sessions.

Since then, I’ve included my log here; although I need to update it.

What I have found is this: we can better tweak our training. It keeps us better informed on weak spots and we know exactly what we need to do for the next session. If you’re intending to compete (which I am), than a log is a very useful ( and must have) tool in your training arsenal.

I have used a training log for the past 23 years. I have recorded every workout that I have done in that time period!

I record many things such as, poundages, rest times, total training time, how I felt (mood) and what I had to eat prior, if I had a training partner that day, etc.

The training log acts as a type of coaching tool. It allows you to go back, and with precision know exactly how far that you came, and how you got there.You can also test yourself by duplicating exact workouts from several years ago. My training log is probably one of the major reasons that I am continuing to make progress after so many years at this game.

What we measure, judge and focus on improves!

He’s talking about a different kind of log, Patricia.

I hope that this was a joke post. No one can really be that stupid, right?