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Training Log

Was wondering what T-Men include in their training logs? Mine consists of actual training info, and daily calorie intake. Also I was wondering if any of you have tried any of the computer programs or books? If so I would like any feedback. Thanks in advance.

The only things I keep in my training log are how much weight I did (the week previous) and how much I plan to do the next week.

Check out a computer program called “Protrack 99”. I got mine free with a years membership ($50.00) to Global Health Fitness. (I think you can buy it for about thiry bucks from other distributors.) I downloaded it right from their web site. I really like it. You can input your workouts and your food intake on a daily basis. It has thousands of foods already listed with all the info you would find on a label. Most major exercies are listed with instructions on how to perform each one. You can enter your own foods and exericies as well. It creates graphs/charts and also has a body measurement log. I use it every day and don’t know what I would do without it. I give it two thumbs up.

JR, I don’t know if you have T-Mag’s third paper issue, but someone asked Ian King this very question and he listed the following (some of which I never even thought of and I’m pretty anal about my training logs):
Number of hrs. of sleep the night before,
Any injuries,
Start time, finish time, total work time-
Rest intervals between sets,
Missed reps,
Recommendation for load/volume in subsequent workouts based on today’s lifts,
Physical/mental state before/during/after workout,
Your diet that day, and
meal timing.

I keep track of: exercises performed, sets, projected reps, weight, tempo, rest between sets, and actual reps performed.
I don’t keep track of food because I’m too damn lazy to write down everything I eat.