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Training Log

Long time lurker, new poster. Thought I would post my training log so I can get some feedback/advice.
Little background on me: Im 26 years old. I started lifting with my old man in high school. Built a pretty good lean physique at around 160Lbs (small being that I was 6’2) but I knew nothing about diet or nutrition so I never really put on size. Just got pretty “skinny buff”. Went into MMA when I turned 20 for about two years and got even leaner. At this point All I wanted was to reach 180 (in my mind that was the magic hulk number for me haha. I was dumb). Called it quits on the fighting game after having my first son with my wife.

I decided to start getting serious about weight training and putting on the size Id always wanted. So I began with learning all I could about diet and hit the Strongman 5x5 program hard for a year. Made some solid gains and reached 190 that year.

At this point I got cocky/stupid and thought I could handle DC training. I was wrong. Made it about three months in before stalling out completely on the progression side of the program. So, pride wounded and lessons learned I went back the the 5x5 program for another year.

Then I made the jump into the Strongman world of lifting. And I LOVE it. Ive been following a program based on strongman for a little over a year now. Which is the one I will write out now so I can get feedback on it.

Side note: In the past three and a half years I have gone from 160 shredded and lean to 245 and solid. Id estimate Im sitting at around 16-18% bodyfat most days (it varies alot for me. Sometimes I wake up 8 lbs lighter than I went to bed so I look good in the AM)

So now for the program. It is three week cycle with each week increasing in weight and decreasing in volume. I simply call it Light, medium, heavy, repeat.

Monday: Back Squat 3x10 5x5 3x3
Stones 5x5 5x5 5x5
M Press 4x8 5x5 5x3
Bent Row — 3x10 -----
Easy -bar curls and pullups as a finisher

Wed: Deadlift 3x10 5x5 3x3
Log Press 3x10 5x5 5x3
Farmers W -----8-10 20 yard laps----
Hanging leg raise for cool-down

Fri: F Squat 3x10 5x5 3x3
Sumo Dead 5x5 3x3 5x5
Bench Pre 3x10 5x5 3x3
Close grip Press —3x10—
Incline curls ----3x8----
Hammer curls ----3x8----
Bodyweight Core work untill Im spent

My best lifts so far:
465x3 deadlift (thats all the weight I have in my garage gym)
465x3 Sumo Dead
385x3 Back squat
295x3 Front Squat
205x3 Military press
225x2 Log press
325x3 Bench press ( No spotter has kept me at this number for over six months now)
190 per hand for Farmers

Nothing impressive for my bodyweight I know but Im working my ass off to try and get better. Im usually running about 9 weeks before taking a week off unless Im just feeling really good then I stretch it another few weeks.

Im going to do the Dan Johns 40 day easy strength as a short break and then get right back to this after.

Anyways, any feed back would be greatly appreciated. I know Im a new guy on the block so posting here is a bit intimidating. All you guys have some seriously impressive stats. If its needed I can get some videos up once I can talk my wife into doing it for me.

Just thought Id add, my goals are to compete in amateur strongman. Just something I want to do. No delusions of Grandeur. I know I have a ways to go but ive developed patience for this stuff.
Marathon, not a sprint.

Guess I should write up a quick thing on my diet in case anyone is wondering.
For three years straight I did very very little to deviate from a strict diet. I would rarely cut loose and have a few beers with the guys or have a slice of cake on holidays but other than that I was a robot about it. My brother called me the Puritan lol.

So my bulking diet that took me from 160 to 265 (I didnt like how I looked and felt at 265 so I quickly cut back down to the 245 I am at currently)

Now I went pretty simple farm boy style eating. Nothing fancy. Just ALOT

Breakfast: 6 whole eggs cooked with olive oil and parsley and one lean beef hamburger patty. I tried the high carb thing in the morning at first but found it killed my energy levels. Was napping by noon)

Meal2: 350 grams of chicken breast( cooked with olive oil. I cook EVERYthing with olive oil), a whole baked potato, and as much broccoli as I could fit in.

Meal three: 350 grams of chicken breast and one cup of brown rice. Whole tomato.

Meal 4: same as meal 2

Pre and post workout: 2 scoops of a mass gainer before and two scoops after.

Meal 5: Whatever my lovely Italian wife cooked for dinner. I conceded to this because I didnt want her feelings hurt that I wasnt eating any of her cooking. She naturally cooks pretty healthy anyways so it worked out. Best tasting meal of the day which helped break the monotony.

Meal 6: 350 grams of chicken breast and as much green veggies as I could stuff myself with. Broccoli or raw spinach were the winners for ease of prep.

Meal seven: One whole canned salmon steak and a tortilla with two tablespoons of natural peanut butter on it (horrible mix of flavors but I got used to it haha)

Meal 8: A casien whey shake before bed.

Thats it. Nothing complex. But it bulked me up in a hurry. Expensive and boring but effective.

Supplements at the time were simple creatine (5 grams every morning and 5 grams added to each pre and post shake). BCAAs powder mixed into a liter bottle of watter during my workout.
In the last year I started taking Status (over the counter Test booster, not terribly effective but I still take it) and I added Beta alanine. Makes my ears and feet feel all warm and fuzzy haha.

In the past six months I have reduced my diet down a bit. Trying to get a bit more cut while maintaining strength progression. Seems to be working for me.

But thats it. No fancy tricks or gimmicks for me. Just face stuffing. Lot of time and alot of work but working at home made it possible.

Motorcycle accident. Will be down for a few weeks. Ill try to get an update once im back in working shape.