Training Log

Greetings, T-Nation community, from Eastern Europe (Bulgaria) ! I’m starting my log here, first because of the opportunity for solid advices and second, cuz this is really important for me right now and i want to stay committed as much as possible. I haven’t been in the gym, except for a few unstructured workouts that i’ve done, in the past 3.5 years. The reasons were out of the WeightLifting topic, so i won’t discuss them further. Now it’s time to get some strength gains :slight_smile:

I will first focus most on: backsquat and flexibility

What i ended up with as a program is this:


atg backsquat - 3x5 (±80% 1RM)
atg frontsquat - 3x3
optional exercise 1 - 3 sets
optional exercise 1- 3 sets


atg backsquat - 5x3 (±85% 1RM)
atg pause backsquat - 3x3 (±70% 1RM)
optional exercise 1 - 3 sets
optional exercise 2 - 3 sets


atg backsquat - maxing out. starting with doubles and then move to singles depending on how i feel for the day. no set amount of sets here.
speed pulls - 3x3 (70% 1RM)
optional exercise 1 - 3 sets
optional exercise 2 - 3 sets

*** optional exercises - whatever i may feel like doing after the main lifts. I may even skip them.
*** flexibility work - mostly will consist of foam rolling and static stretching for now after every workout and before bed on non training days. Moving on with my training i’ll probably incorporate some yoga here and there.

Starting points for me:

Stats: age:26, sex: M, weight: ±70kg, height: ±178, 1RM atg squat *90kg - information collected on saturday.

Starting today guys ! Peace !