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Training Log

I’ve been training on and off for the past… lets say 7 years. It’s hard to say when my ‘training’ began because I’ve been in some sort of athletics since the age of 7 when my father started my brother and I in Jiu-Jitsu. I’ve always kept fit, but only in the recent years have I made a point of trying to put on some size.

I’m an ectomorph, but managed to get up to a decent physique (with tiny legs, and disproportionate back) At my peak I was deadlifting 445 for one, benching 305 for 1, and lets just not talk about my squats… I’ve damaged both of my LCL tendons (on the outside of the knee, the tendon that kinda holds the outside together.) So when I squat, the tendon slips. As a result I have way under developed legs. If I’m being honest, I only have that excuse to use in the past three years… before that I was more concerned with having a big chest and arms… :frowning: I wanna slap the younger me.

At christmas time I made a commitment to myself to go from 185 to somewhere around 205, maybe even 220 depending on how my body feels at that weight.
Unfortunately unemployement and financial stress has gotten the best of me and I neglected to eat enough and unfortunately fell out of training for 4 months. In that time I’ve shrunk down to a TINY 165 at my lightest. Well, I’m working again now. And I must be one of the tiniest doormen the world has ever seen!!! Yes I work as a bouncer.

I’m so disguested with my pathetic tiny ass self, that I decided to start up this thread simply to hold myself accountable and log all my workouts.

Now this won’t be a very exciting training log, as I’m going with Tim Ferris’s Occam’s Protocol. For those who aren’t familiar, it focuses on a minimalist routine. The idea is to work each muscle group until absolute failure (I’m talking where you are shaking for 10 seconds fighting the failure)
I gave this a go for two weeks around new years and was seeing results, unfortunately I fell off the bandwagon.

I’m an ectomorph and need this type of high intensity training with long rest intervals if I wish to see any real size gains, which I fucking do.

All my friends are running cycles, but I refuse to run one until I know in my heart I have maxed out my Natural potential…

So here are my patheticly small lifts for today

*** It should be noted these lifts are performed at a 5/5 cadence. Meaning 5 seconds up, 5 seconds down.***

Yates Ez Row: 135lbs - failure reached somewhere between rep 8-10 I got distracted and lost count- will be more precise in the future.

Standing Shoulder Press: 85lbs failed at rep 6

Question: My lats are also seriously under developed and I’m wondering if the Yates Ez row is enough, or if I should be adding in a cable pull down on this day.

Any feedback of making fun of me will only help me stay motivated :smiley:

Ok so training session number two:

All exercises are performed at a 5/5 Cadence till failure. I’m talking absolute failure. And then after failure, I failed some more until I start to sink back towards the ground against my will. That takes some will power, but fuck me, I can feel the glorious surge of testosterone the following day.

My entire body is quite evidently enjoying the elevated anabolic hormone levels. Vascularity is returning faster than expected, and my chest seems a good 20 percent more full than yesterday. Not all that surprising considering my poor muscles haven’t gotten to play in fucking forever, and are rejoycing now that they are tossing some iron around. This Occam’s Protocol is not nearly as fun as getting in there and doing 1 RM or triples, or some heavy deadlifts, but god damn does it ever turn the growth switch on.

So far I’ve slugged back 9 eggs, cup of oatmeal, cup of apple juice, hit blend, and voila, breakfeast of champions… if you don’t projectile vomit all over the wall.

Squats: 130 lbs.
Failure occurred at rep 8.4.

Incline bench: 150lbs
Failure occurred at rep: 7
(Machine(seat setting 6); smith press was occupied)

Pretty boring training log… I know. numbers are not impressive at all… I know…

I’m going to post some before pictures when I was looking like a marathon runner. Which was last week.
Hopefully in 8 weeks or so, I may look more like a powerlifter than I do an endurance athlete…