Training Log

This is my workout program.

Workout 1
Bench Press
Straight Arm Laying Cable Chop
Weighted Pushups
Dumbbell Flies
2min Sit-ups

Workout 2
Standing Calf Raises
Leg Press
Leg Extension
Leg Contraction
2min sit-ups

Workout 3
Standing Shoulder press
Bent Over Rows
Handstand Pushups
Palm-up seated rows
2min sit-ups

I want to start keeping a log to record gains. I’m not going to record all of them though just the main exercises - these are them with my current high:
Pull-ups: 16
Sit-ups (2 minutes): 86
Benchpress: 150 lb x 8
Deadlift: 250 lb x 5
Squats: 150lb x 8
Standing Shoulder Press: 95 lb x 8
Barbell Curl: 65 lb x 6

As you can see my biceps are pretty weak at this point. Hopefully it will change. This is my first time trying to keep a log, first time following any sort of plan (I don’t really have reps/sets down yet), and I bought my first tub of protein powder. Hopefully it all comes together.

I don’t have any set goals in mind just to continue to grow. I guess a start would be to get my Benchpress and Squat a bit higher. Deadlift is doing much better because I find it fun. Then I want to be able to do a set of 25 pull-ups. I’d also like to be able to curl 100lb and shoulder press my bodyweight.

I’m 24 years old, 5’9" and weigh 152lbs (just got over the 150 mark about two weeks ago)

Started the Log after my first workout this week so its missing but here’s my second and third workout. Never week will have all 3. This was also my first time really pushing myself so this first week also had a bit of redundancy in the reps as you’ll see in my squats because I wasn’t sure where to start. Never week will be better though thanks to the log.

October 30, 2009 - Workout 2
154 lb x 8
150 lb x 8
155 lb x 8
160 lb x 8
Belt On
165 lb x 6
165 lb x 4
165 lb x 2
170 lb x 1

Situps: 83

October 31, 2009 - Workout 3

Shoulder Press:
95 lb x 6
95 lb x 6
100 lb x 4

14 standard
7 standard
4 wide-grip

Sit-ups: 78

I think once my body adapts to the workout those 3rd Workout numbers will come up. My neck and shoulders were pretty sore from all the squatting I did. Think even next week will see improvement since I’ll have a better idea of where to begin my squats.

Workout 1:
Bench Press


Situps in 2 minutes:
89 (PR +3)

Workout 2:
155lb x 8
160lb x 8
165lb x 8
165lb x 8

Situps in 2 minutes
93 (pr +3)

Stoked that I made further gains on my sit-ups.

Workout 3:
6 wide-grip

Shoulder press
95 lb x 8
105 lb x 8
105 lb x 8

92 Situps in 2 minutes

Workout 1:
Bench Press
145 lb x 8
150 lb x 8
150 lb x 8
150 lb x 6

245 lb x 3
250 lb x 3
250 lb x 3
250 lb x 3