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Training Log: The Bill Starr Way


I’m giving TBT a shot because I lack of time due to my studies (law). I will train 3 times a week (Mo/Wed/Fr) if possible.
My goal is primarly strength and then muslces.

My old stats:
Squat: 120kg x 5
Deads: 125kg x 5
Bench: 90kg x 5
Age: 27
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 95 kg

Have been training more or less frequent over years due to work and injuries (hernia, slipping discs). So my main goal is to get strong and stay healthy while achiving this.
That’s way I began to reduce my weights to put my focus on form.

Also I’d like to reach this old records above again. Being fatty, I’m also looking to loose some pounds, but that’s an aim I will follow in 1 or 2 month…:slight_smile:

So here are my last two sessions:

Friday, 19.02.2010: Moderate day

  1. Squats (olympic-style)
    50x5, 60x6, 72.5x5, 85x3, 95x3 (w/belt), 72,5x8 (back-off)

  2. Bench press
    22.5x8, 32,5x8, 42,5x8, 52,5x8, 77,5x 2x2

  3. Power-Shrugs, Snatch-Grip
    50x5, 60x5, 70x5, 80x5, 90x5, 100x5

  4. Jerks from Neck
    10x5, 20x5, 30x5, 40x5, 50x5

  5. Some Curls

Monday, 22.02.2010: Heavy day

  1. Squat (oly-style)
    50x5, 60x5, 72,5x5, 82,5x5, 95x5 (w/belt), 70x8

  2. Deadlift, regular
    50x5, 60x5, 70x5, 80x3, 90x3, 100x3 --> no lumbar probs, felt good

  3. Bench press
    30x5, 40x5, 52,5x5, 65x5, 77,5x5

  4. Standing calfs supersetted with rev. Crunches : some x some

  5. Forearms, superset: some x some

As far, that’s all for now.

Friday, 26.02.2010 : Medium-heavy day
Pause on Wednesday. Had been too busy that day.

Lower back felt stiff but did’t hurt anyway. Havent’t done my mob-Drills and streching under the week. That is the reason, I think. Did a longer warm up, helped a little.

  1. Olympic-Squats
    50x5, 62.5x5, 75x5, 87,5x3, 100x3 (w/belt), 75x8 (back-off)

  2. Benchpress
    30x8, 42.5x8, 55x8, 67,5x2, 80x2

  3. Power-Shrugs, Clean-Grip
    50x5, 65x5, 80x5, 90x5, 100x5 (w/straps), 110x5 (w/straps)

  4. MP’s, seated
    20x8, 30x8, 40x8, 50x8

  5. Rows/cabel
    20x10, 30x10, 40x10, 50x10 want to keep upper body in balance … :slight_smile:


Tuesday, 03.03.2010: Heay day, could’t train on Monday being to busy.

Warm up: 5 min on cross-trainer. Mobility drills some light strechtching for lower body (cossacs, Ham stretch and calfs-stretch).

  1. Olympic Squats

50x5, 62,5x5, 75x5, 87,5x5, 100x5 (w(belt), 75x5 (back off)

  1. Bench Press
    30x5, 42,5x5, 55x5, 67,5x5, 80x5

  2. Rack-Pulls, knee-height

52,5x5, 65x5, 77,5x5, 90x5, 102,5x5, 115x5

  1. Dumbell-Bench-press/decline 2x20 supersetted with
  2. Band Pull aparts 2x20

6.Pull-Ins 3x20

Cool-Down with some stretching (whole body).

Monday, 08.03.2010: Heavy Day

Had been a little cold in the basement. So I did a longer warmup. Also lumbars felt dizzy.

Warmup: 10 min. Cross-Trainer, Mobility-Drills

  1. Olympic-Squat

55x5, 67,5x5, 80x5, 92,5 x3, 105x3 (w/belt), 80x8 --> felt weak, that’s why I did 3 reps on the last two sets. Next time trying to do some fives with that weights.

  1. Bench-Press
    30x5, 45x5, 57,5 x5, 70x3, 82,5x3 --> could do more, but want to keep shoudlers and upper back in balance.

  2. Barbell-Rows
    30 x5, 50 x 2x5, 60 x5, 70 x 2x5 --> higher Volume on back. Want to fight shoulder-imbalances.

  3. Barbell-Calf-Raises in Rack: 4x30 supersetted with

  4. Pull-Ins: 4x10

  5. Rev. Hyperextensions : BW x17, x15 --> nice pump! Should do them frequently.

  6. Face pulls: 2x15 --> 2 sec. holding the contraction.

Some stretching and done!

Thursday, 18.03.2010: Light Day

Had a cold for a week. So made it a light day. Felt weak.

Warm up: 10 min on cross-trainer, mobility-drills, Squat- and Calf-Strwetch, some Wedging

  1. Olympic-Squats
    40x5, 50x5, 62,5x5, 72,5x5, 82,5x5

  2. Rumanian Deads
    20x8, 30x8, 40x8, 50x8

  3. Seated Press
    20x 2x5, 30x5, 40x5, 50x5

  4. Lat-Pulls: 20x10, 30x10, 40x10, 50x10

  5. Side-Raises, bent over: 2x20

Stretching - Done!

Tuesday, 23.03.2010: Heavy day

Warmup: Crosstrainer 10 min., Mob.-Drills, some light stretching

  1. Olympic-Squat
    50x5, 62,5x5, 75x5, 87,5x5, 100x4 (w/belt), 75x7

  2. Benchpress
    40x5, 50x5, 60x5, 70x5, 80x5

  3. Rack-Pulls, knee-height
    50x5, 70x5, 85x5, 100x5, 115x5

  4. Seated Calf-Raises 3x30

  5. Curls 3x10

  6. Pulls ins 3x15


Thursday, 25.03.2010: Light Day

Warmup: 10 min. on crosstrainer, Mob-Drills, Ankle-, Wrist- and Squat-Stretches

  1. Front-Squat
    30x5, 40x5, 50x5, 60x5, 70x5

  2. Shoulder-Press, seated
    20x 2x5, 30x5, 42,5x5, 55x5

  3. Rum. Deads, Snatch-Grip
    20x8, 30x8, 40x8, 50x8, 60x8

  4. rev. Crunches: 3x15

  5. DB-Side-Raises: 3x15


Monday, 29.03.2010: Heavy Day

Warmup: as usual

  1. Olympic-Squat
    50x5, 62,5x5, 75x5, 87,5x5, 100x5 (w/belt), 75x8 (w/Manta-Ray). Form wasn’t fine.

  2. Benchpress
    30x5, 40x5, 50x5, 60x3, 70x3, 80x3

  3. Rack-Pulls
    60x5, 72,5x5, 85x5, 100x3, 110x3, 120x3

  4. Leg-Extensions 2x20

  5. REv. Hypers: 2x15

  6. Leg-Curls: 2x20

  7. Curls 5x5

Wednesday, 31.03.2010: Light Day

Warmup: 10 min. on Cross-trainer, mob-drills and stretching focus on ankles and wrists.

  1. Front-Squats with Clean-Grip
    30x5, 40x5, 52,5x5, 62,5x5, 72,5x4 --> need to stretch the wrists more out.

  2. Rom. Deads w/Snatch-Grip
    22,5x8, 32,5x8, 42,5x8, 52,5x8, 62,5x8 --> maybe need to use some straps soon, too much grip-action

  3. Decline-Bench-Press
    30x5, 40x5, 50x5, 50x5, 70x5 --> didn’t want to do some MP’s, that’s why I used this exercise…

  4. Prone-Grip Pull ups: BW x 5, 5, 5, 3

  5. Pulls ins, some with a twist: 3x 10 each side

Stretching. Done.

Saturday, 03.04.2010: Medium-heavy day

  1. Olympic-Squats
    55x5, 67,5x5, 80x5, 92,5x3 (w/belt), 105x3 (w/belt), 80x5 --> oi, no more power…

  2. Benchpress
    30x8, 40x8, 50x8, 60x8, 72,5x2, 82,5x2

  3. Power-Shrugs in the Rack
    50x5, 70x5, 82,5x5, 95x5 (w/straps), 107,5x5 (w/straps), 120x5 (w/straps)

  4. Press behind neck, standing
    10x5, 20x5, 30x5, 40x5

  5. DB-Rows on decline-bench
    5x10, 17,5x 4x8

Little Stretching. Done.

Monday, 05.03.2010: Heavy Day

10 min. on Cross-Trainer, Mob-Drills and Squat-Stretch, Wedging and Ankle-Stretches

  1. Olympic-Squat
    52,5x5, 65x5, 77,5x5, 90x5, 102,5x5 (w/belt), 77,5x8 --> reduced weight to keep proper form

  2. Deadlifts, regular
    50x5, 62,5x5, 75x5, 87,5x5, 100x5 --> went well. Don’t want to rush things up too soon.

  3. Benchpress
    30x5, 40x5, 60x5, 72,5x5, 82,5x5

  4. Pullups: BW x 5, 5, 3, 3 --> Dramatic degrease…Have to face the truth: I’m too fat!

Stretching. Done.

Wednesday, 07.04.2010: Light Day

Warmup as usual.

  1. Frontsquat with Clean-Grip
    30x5, 40x5, 52,5x5, 62,5x5, 72,5x5 --> last set was really demanding for my wrists. Next time I change the grip on the last set to the “BB-style-Grip”

  2. Rum.DL w/Snatch-Grip
    30x8, 42,5x8, 52,5x8, 62,5x8 --> I should really use some straps on the last set or maybe use a regular BB-Grip on Frontsquats. Grip sucks too much on the last set.

  3. Seated Shoulderpress
    20x5, 30x5, 40x5, 50x5, 60x3

  4. Pullups w/ neutral-grip: BW x 6, 5, 5, 3

  5. Sideraises, bentover, one arm: 3x12

Heavy Training from Monday, 12.04.2010:

Warmup as usual.

  1. Olympic-Squat
    55x5, 67,5x5, 80x5, 92,5x5 (w/belt), 105 (w/belt) x 1 --> Lost Tension, stopped because lower back felt strange, 70 x8 back off

  2. Sumo-Deads
    50x5, 60x5, 70x5, 80x3, 90x3, 100x3, 110x1 /w/belt), 120x1 (w/belt), 130x1 (w/belt)–> I dont’t know what happend. Deads went very well that day. Haven’t done Sumo-Dedas for a long time. Lower back didn’t fell bad. Strange…

  3. Benchpress
    40x5, 50x5, 62,5x5, 72,5x5, 82,5x5

  4. Face Pulls 3x15

  5. Leg Raises 3x10

  6. Hammer-Curls 2x 15, 10

Stretching. Done.

Light Day from Thursday, 15.04.2010:

Warmup as usual.

  1. Front Squats
    30x5, 40x5, 55x5, 65x5, 75x3 --> used the BB-Grip.

  2. Seated Shoulder-Press
    20x5, 30x5, 40x5, 50x5, 60x4

  3. Rum.Deads w/ Snatch-Grip
    30x8, 40x8, 52,5x8, 65x8 w/straps

  4. Pull-Ins: 3x12

  5. Laterals, bend-over: 3x12

Stretching. Done.

Monday, 19.04.2010, Heavy Day:

Warmup as usual.

  1. Olympic-Squat
    55x5, 67,5x5, 80x5, 92,5x5, 105x3 (w/belt), 80x8 (back off) --> Can’t get another rep on last workset. Could get 8 reps on back off set with 80kg, so the strength is there.

  2. Benchpress
    30x5, 40x5, 50x5, 65x3, 75x3, 85x3

  3. Pendlay-Rows
    40x5, 50x5, 60x5, 70x5, 80x5 (w/straps)

  4. Pullins: 3x12

  5. DB-Decline-Press: 2x 20, 15

6.Rev.Curls 2x20
7. Crunch-Variations: 2x20

Stretching. Done.

Paused a week. Monday, 03.05.2010: Heavy day

Decreased weight a little and did no back-off sets.
Warmup and mob-drills as usual.

  1. Olympic-Squat

50x5, 62,5x5, 75x5, 87,5x5, 100x5 (w/belt)

  1. Deadlifts, regular

60x5, 75x5, 85x5, 97,5x5, 110x5 --> used a mixed grip on the last set, but no belt

  1. Benchpress

30x5, 42,5x5, 55x5, 67,5x5, 80x5

4.Chins: BWx, 5, 5, 4, 3.