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Training Log (OLY/Rock)


A. Goals

  1. 1000 pullups/chins
  2. 80snatch/100cnj @ 56KG
  3. Squat 200KG @ any given bdwt
  4. 10 min 2.4KM
  5. 300pulls/300dips/300HLR under 3h

Basic info:

  1. I try to train everyday. If I’m down, it’s probably one out of the seven days in a week
  2. Cardio & UB training history: 8 years
  3. LB training history: 6 years
  4. I grew up with GVT (applied via calisthenics) and survived primarily on 5/3/1. Currently on CT’s wave loading program.
  5. I lost 10KG to make it to 56. Staying up to 59. Lost significant strength but it’s all part of the myofibrillar specialization.
  6. I am ecto-meso/endo once I break the 63.5 mark. BF consistently below 10 and once dropping to 8.5.
  7. I love training but I have issues with undertraining. I train past injuries and burnout because that’s how I was brought up.
  8. I am taking zero supplements.
  9. I train about 2h a day
  10. Pastimes: Reading/Bball/Rock Climbing/Research/Weightlifting (does that even count).

Quantitative log this is. Let the numbers do the talking. First and last log.


"That’s it. It’s done. I’m signing up here (booting up my old account)."


200 pulls/100hlr/300dips 1.5h

6 x 400
Light bball
3 OAC ea
Snatch 70
Bench 90

Ended with 30 pull ups as AMRAP test.

3/1 – 6/1
I forgot to log. That’s why this place is important. Keeps me accountable.

5 X 20 chins
5 X 20 dips
25 mins


60ab wheels
100 HLR
Front Squat
Explosive pullups
50 pullups/50dips

Back Squat
Weighted Back Extension
OAC: 1,1,2,1,1 ea
Explosive pullups

300 pullups
300 dips
Snatch 1RM testing (pass)
100 pullups
100 dips


Will draft up a training program for critique soon. It’s tough due to the multi-variate nature of my training but it can be done. Marking my progress for Front Squats Wave-loading of relevance to this site.


I’m not a girl but I’d give this read some serious thought. He bottled it nicely I guess.



10 x 10 handstand pushups


Weekly prog. up


Explosive pullups (to fatigue)
OAC (to fatigue)


500 chins/dips

Intervals (rpe: 7.5/10)

Squats (120, fs wave loading, box squats)

Push/DB work/Bball

I don’t know what to put in here. Anything but stretching. Weight check.



There’s another general bodybuilding one too. I think either CT or John Romano wrote it.


Both authors whose works I really appreciate so thank you for pointing it out!

Your log rocks!


I like this post. Cashiers work really hard to understand the system of self-competency and they rarely impose it on others.

I need to work on my EI, maybe that’s why I lift.


As mentioned, 10 X 10 HSPU
11 Explosive pullups
1 OAC ea

Bumping 500 pulls/dips to tomorrow. Hope it goes smoothly.


Chad Waterbury advocates training systems similar to this.
Compound exercises typical of barbell and bodyweight movements gets the heart pumping very fast if you’re used to low rep/set schemes.
What they differ by, however, is training effect or rather the telling principle.
Chad likes synergistic forms of training. Explosive movements followed by novel complementary exercises.
This approach breaks down the circuit into approachable straight sets akin to a format that challenges each plane of movement individually.
I would do this over crossfit because I like to take the time to learn each movement (even while sweating my ass off).
If you like crossfit, this can be your buildup for it. Crossfitters will berserk through this workout but they have a HARD time improving their timings on it subsequently, if you catch my drift.
MOVEMENTS > VOLUME (Technique over Work).
I’m not saying anyone has impaired technique, but the programming makes all the difference.
If you want to catch a firefly, bottle it on top of flagpole then doing it, before using it as a pole vault before some 400m intervals to cap it off, with some butterfly pullups and a sled drag for time, Crossfit is for you.
If you want a more rigid system to bounce off your powerlifting meets (as a cogent fat-burner) while gaining all the benefits of a more robust cardiovascular health profile so you can move towards a more prolific fitness routine, this is for you.
Just saying.

Consider 500 done, may be doing intervals later.


Worth a try. Too tempting - no I’ve never had it in me to try a Zercher. Puny arms and thoughts of “OUCH, my skin”.

I’m ahead of schedule. Intervals during early morning, breakfast, some studying …


Fuck it, running later. Miss it already.


Take it from me:

When you’re lean and mostly busy with training everyday, you feel the urge to do everything. Gotta run in the morning, do my explosive pullups, brush my teeth hurry off to the gym and end things with basketball.

You are willing to walk kilometers to the fitness corner and put in the work quietly.

But you end the day so exhausted sticks are a must. And you feel so tired you can’t be bothered to eat.

When you’re full, well-rested and replenished (it takes days of overeating and 16h sleep), you feel the need to do everything immediately. That’s because you have the energy and are feeling activated. But you actually lack the hunger to push yourself on these activities.

For example, by the time you reach the fitness corner, the urge to bang out 20 reps of those explosive pullups would have wavered and you end the day with 5. You do your intervals half-heartedly and don’t give your best in the gym.

Moral of the lesson. Never rest too much. Call yourself out if you find yourself slipping and not getting in the sessions. Note that I post my workouts early on because I predicted an increase in nonchalance this week as I am free to eat pretty much whatever I want.

Work for your food.


I always feel fucking good after a good run.

Train yourself to run, in the morning, after gym, after work, 30 mins after eating, before sleep. Keep running!


It’s always nice to hear from the author(s) on what drives them.

It’s even nicer when it’s usually nothing. Intrinsic motivation drives them if there has to be a godamn reason.

Pain drives me. The elusion of success motivates me to work harder.

Like I said, if you lack energy to gym, just go for a run. What comes next comes next.


It’s a good piece. The only bit that resonated with me was TC’s part. I dislike the idea of motivation quite intensely, because it suggests that something other than wanting to achieve the goal is needed to achieve the goal. As far as I’ve experienced, if you need external motivation to achieve something that isn’t essential, you might want to ask why you’re doing it.

BTW, from what I can see of your log you’re probably what most guys aspire to when they decide to ‘get fit’ - you can do damn near everything decently and some of it very well. It’s impressive.


Guys like MarkKO and ActivitiesGuy keep me humbled and my gaze glued to the floor. I’m chasing big numbers because that’s what I’ve always aspired to achieve, at all costs. They do what others refuse to do - start a log and plug in the numbers. My log will be a betterment to my quest for a healthier lifestyle; it’s for everyone to use.

Without sharing, how will we be inspired? Hell, a set of 20 is far from what I’m capable of as of now so I’m pretty amped about my squat sessions. Need to keep up!


If you knew how borderline OCD I am…

I have my training diary (I think just about every kind of training day since early 2012 is written down), my Excel spreadsheet (which starts as a program and becomes a record) and then my log here.

I think you could probably knock out a set of 20 squats somewhere between 135 and 225 lbs.


Oh, you keep those too? Training diaries… Don’t get me started. I used to detail down everything I did in a green book (still have it) and that was my prep. for Army. I look back and think… “I was this hardworking. I’m a slob by my old standards.”

That got my fat ass back to running and my chin-up numbers back to its former state. A lil push from the days of glorious past. I’ll post some of my old workouts here and re-do them to see how far I’ve come.

MarkKO’s diaries date back to '12. Mine started since '09 (A mixture of online and offline records). This is why I started a log here. I’m interested in what others are doing. I get so caught up in my old world I didn’t know supersquats are now a ‘double set’ staple in other accomplished lifter’s log. SHAME ON ME FOR NOT HAVING DONE IT/

In 2012, I did 5 X 10 X 80KG squats before rugby training and that’s that.


What position? I played tighthead in high school. If I’d known then how much I loved strength training and physical pursuits I might actually have had a shot, but then I’d probably have at least one joint in my lower body beat to hell so probably not something to regret too much. Instead I focused on music and weed.

Now you’re just flattering me. I haven’t earned accomplishment yet. Plus, a year ago I wouldn’t even have even considered 20 rep squats. I probably should have.

Are insane. I’m working towards sets of 10.