Training Log of an Italian Novice

hi, my name is marco i’m 18 yrs old, i’ m italian so sorry for bad english… i think that wrinting in this forum could be a great idea for improve my english but at first for improve my muscles :smiley:

weight: 145 lbs
height: 5 f 8,5 inch

i’ ve been training since may 2010 so it’s about 7 months of training…
my numbers are:
bench press 5reps x 50 kg (110 lbs)
squat 5reps x 55 kg (121 lbs)
deadlift 5reps x 80kg (176 lbs)

i can lift more lbs for 5reps… but i prefer speed and technique to high weight
my target for may 2010 are:
154 of weight with bf around 13%
-bench press 1rm x 154 lbs
-squat 1rm x 176 lbs
-deadlift 1rm x 220 lbs

my routine:
day a:

  1. Squat 50% 5, 60% 5, than i improve 3% for times since the lift is fast, when technique decrease i stop to improve the weight and i do 3x3 with that weight: execution have to be perfect!
  2. bench press, as squat!
  3. traction prone 5x6 reps
    [4. military press 5x8]
  4. deadlift, as squat but i do 4 reps and at least 2x3 (not 3x3 as squat)
  5. incline bench press 4,3,2,4,2,2 (lift have to be controlled and slow)
  6. dumbbell bench press 5x10reps
  7. deadlift over the knee 50% 6, 60% 4x5 reps


  1. bench press, like squat a
  2. Squat, like squat a
  3. dip 6x6 (but i’d prefer thight bench press for tricpes)
  4. traction supine 3x6reps
  5. walking lunge 3x10reps

5x8 curl biceps
3x25 abs

routine in the week: a-d-b-d-c-d-/

thanks for the attention, sorry for bad english, im hoping to have great advice from this forum.

wo 23 nov 10
7x26 - 5x36 - 5 x 41 - 5x46 - 5 x53 - 5x55 - 3x3x55 = 121 lbs (i think i’ve wrong the weight but the last set was correct, tell me somthing about techinque plz)

bench press
7x26 - 5x36 - 5x 41 - 5x45 - 5x49 - 3x2x49 - 3x51 = 112 lbs (i’ve put too much weight so technique wasn’t perfect and i’ve done only 4 set and not 5, some advice for technique?)

5-3-4-3-4-3 @147 lbs ( i should do 5 set x 6 reps but i wasn’t able for the wo of yesterday: 5x8 curl biceps, i see that the left side is weaker than the right)

1h wo, the video about the bench is uploading, give me some advice please, thanks for the attention, best regards.

[quote]show7ime wrote:
tell me somthing about techinque plz

Those looked good. Only thing I would recommend is lowering the racks a bit so you don’t have to go up on your toes to take it out and put it back.

Keep eating and adding a bit of weight each workout and you should keep making progress for awhile.

Eventually, you should move the bar down a bit to your rear delts, and it will leave less of a lever arm pulling your forward. This will become more important as the weights get heavier and keeping the bar higher will tax your lower back more.

Keep doing pull-ups and adding some muscle mass to create a bigger shelf to put the bar on.

thank you theuofh :wink:

video of bench press of yesterday:

I can’t see the vids at the moment, but welcome to the Nation. Putting in work is a language on it’s own, my friend. But keep writing. And keep putting in work.

thanks :wink:

wo 25 nov 10

5x46 -5x56 - 5x66 - 5x76 - 5x76 - 5x80 - 3x3x80 = 176 lbs (i’ve increased the weight of 9 lbs, i’ve tried to put forward the chest for keep the back all hard for prevent injuries… i couldn’t keep the shoulders for go up before the ass. when i have to put down the bar i think to have problem to the neck for the bouncing of the bar… i could throw the bar down without control it?

the weight seems to be not so heavy, the difficult was keep all the muscles hard and do the right moves, some problems at some muscles… the sets were a little bit long because of the respiration… i enspire up and inspire down, but i should enspire down and inspire before starting the lift)

dumbbell incline bench press:
6x6x 15,5 kg = 34,1 lbs (i’ ve choosed the dumbbell for the difficult of lift the bar, old weight was 6x4-3-2-4-3-2 with 88-90 lbs now i’ve choosed a 6x6 with 34 lbs i should increase the weight or it good like this?)

dumbbell bench press:
3x10x15,5kg =34,1 lbs (increase of 6 lbs, easy lift but when the weight was down and i have to put on the bench i’ ve felt a pain under the spine (where i had an injurie last week). i’ve tried to be as fast as i could for avoid the lactic acid, nice work for the chest)

deadlift to the knee:
5x46 101 lbs (after the first set i felt a pain under the spine (once again) so i decide to stop the train)

wo last less than 1 hour, i liked it, i’ve worked well, technique wasn’t the best…
some little pain on the neck, spine (left part on the ground, i’ve an injury last week) and high part of the spine (in the deadlift to the knee)

video of the training:

incline + dumbbell bench press + deadlift to the knee:

wo 27 nov 10:
bench press:
5x36 - 5x41 - 5x45 - 5x48 - 5x50 + 3x3x50 = 110lbs (good sensation, not very explosive in the movement, nex time i’ ll try to increase the weight)

5x36 - 5x41 - 5x46 - 5x53 - 5x55 + 3x3x55 = 121lbs (here i’ve tried to do my best but the fall was too fast, i want to put more weight but i don’t know if i could… it seems too easy although technique isn’t perfect)

rack chin 5x6xbw (67 kg)=147 lbs (bad, i’ve not found the assect and i use the ass for go up faster… next time i’ll try to find the correct position. i couldn’t touch with the chest)

affondi manubri 3x10x12,5 kg =27,5lbs (high acid lactate, good sensation xD)

wo last about 1h and 30 min, not bad

some advice? thanks for the attention.