Training Log - Landon Evans

Monday: 9/29/03
ME Squat/DL

Concentric Wide Stance GM:
295x1 Video: Here
305x1 (PR)

Glute-Ham Raises 10kg under chin 3x10

Reverse Hypers: 90x10 180x10 240x10

Heavy Bicep Work(alternate hammer and bi curl): 55-60lb dbs 3x10

Ab Curcuit: Leg Raises, Wide Sit-ups against green band, 7kg med ball inverted on GHR machine. 3x10(each station)

Getting more webspace on another box, so I’ll host all my videos (hopefully), so ya’ll can see how weak I look.

Can I request a video of the JM press? I’ve read the description over and over, but it just isn’t clicking in my head.

And a Dimmel Dead if you get around to it. Video’s help allot! Thanks Landon.

whats the wide part of the wide sit ups? I assume you are sitting up against the resistance of the band?

dave tate has said the reason why the JM press is so confusing to everybody is because everybody has their own way of doing it. in the seminar video you see louie, tate, and dave do it, and they each do it a good deal differently. this is why people are hesitant on giving descriptions or what not

Thursday: 10/2/03

ME Bench

3 Board:
1x305 (5lb PR)
1x315 (15lb PR) Video: Here

DB Press (Hammer grip): 105x5x3 110x5x2

A1. JM Press: 105x4x8
A2. Bent Over Rows: 225x5x3 275x5x1

Military Press: 121x5x5

JM Press Video: Here

Day felt good. Really hit the tris good today. Felt like doing some light overhead stuff today, and was running out of time so we did a quick 5x5, and that is the reason for the jm press/bent over row superset too.

Thanks for the JMpress video. I wasn’t even close.

Mudvayne is good stuff to lift to. I wish my gym would trade in the pop music for some metal.

Could you make the video files a touch larger? I just lurve spending an hour to see you lift :)~

dialup, gotta luve it

Let me look for something to convert to wmv files right now. Yah, I apologize.

no worries

but your jm form is completely different to other peoples i have seen from video. where did you get your techbique from?

yes this is what i was trying to say.

his form looks absolutely, 100% NOTHING like tates, louie’s, matts, big mikes, none.

my form looks absolutely, 100% nothing like tates, louie’s, matts, big mikes, none.

don’t copy peoples JM form. it’s one of the few supplemental exercises where your form is pretty much personal

Friday: 10/3/03

DE Squat/DL

Jacked up my right leg playing broomball.


Green Band Good Mornings x20
Toe Touches with 30lbs in hands x20
Green Band Hammer Curls x20

3 continous non-stop sets

CoC training.

By different technique, I menat completely different. Its like comparing squats with GMs in this case, slightly similar but completely different.

All movies will now be Windows Media Player format. Version 9 to be exact, so make sure you have the latest media player if you want to watch them.

Instead of being 10mb, they will be 2mb. a lot better.

Sunday: 10/5/03

DE Bench

Dynamic Bench: 155x8x3

Incline Tate Presses: 45x10x3

Pushdowns 130x10 140x10 150x8

Chest Supported Rows: 120x8x3

Face Pulls: 140x10x3

Shrugs: 315x12x3

** Today sucked a lot because I wasn’t able to get into the athletic weight room today due to someone’s mess up. So I had to down myself and lift in the public weight room. I wanted to hang myself when I left. I think there is more idiotic lifters now, than there ever was in that facility.

Oh well, I’m pushing my cycle down a week, since I missed last DE squat, and today’s DE bench that was supposed to be banded today, so I’ll take another straight weight for this week on DE squat/dl, and come back next week, and resume my cycle.

Monday 10/06/03

ME Squat/DL

Deadlifts off 5" Pad


Deadlifts off 3" Pad
539x1 (miss)

Good Mornings (normal stance)



20kg on upper back x15x2

Hammer Curls 60x5x3
Barbell Curls 121x6x2


55lb plate over face on stab ball x 10x3

33lb plate on GHR doing twists while at a 45 degree angle, passing off to my partner x 10x3

Fuck deadlifting.