Training Log for Future Powerlifting Dreams

Long time member but after a knee surgery a few years ago I gave up on all fitness and I intend to change that. I ballooned up to 270 but brought my weight down to 236 after 4 months of moving around more. Knee still sore frequently and sounds like a old door closing but I’ve had enough of pampering it.
Ten years ago I was big into powerlifting with some decent numbers and I want to get back there in one year in a full RAW tested meet.
Currently 33 236 pounds
Bench idk maybe 300
Squat idk maybe 365
Deadlift idk maybe 365

Goals: end of 2021
Weight 200-215 depending on which weight class I will go for
Bench 445
Squat 605
Deadlift 585
Might be impossible to reach this goal but let’s go for crazy
Will train Monday through Friday 40-60 minutes a day and cardio training almost every day. Will likely train alone for awhile

January 4th
BB bench 8x135 6x225 8x245 3x275 3x275
DB incline 8x75 6x85 3x95 8x75
DB Fly 8x35 8x40 8x45 12x30
DB bench pause 6x75 8x65 6x65
Time 40 minutes
BB box squats 8x135 8x225 3x295 3x345 365x1 3x295 3x225 8x135
Leg press (i dont count the sled weight 118) 8x180 8x270 8x360 8x450 4x500
Knee ext 4 sets of 8 45s each leg
Leg curls 8x35 6x70 5x70 12x35
50 minutes
Seated bb military press 8x135 6x145 4x165 3x165 3x135
DB front raises 8x22.5 8x25 8x30 12x22.5
DB lateral raises 8x17.5 8x22.5 8x17.5 12x12.5
Arnold presses explosion 8x45 8x45 8x45 8x30 8x30
39 minutes

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1/7 Arms 42 minutes
Close grip bb bench 8x135 8x185 8x225 4x245 2x245 Pause fast set 8x135
Standing db curls 8x35 8x40 6x45 10x30
Ez bar skull crusher 8x75 8x75 6x75 stopped shoulder pain
Seated ez bar curls 8x75 8x75 6x75 5x75
Machine straight bar pull down 8x62.5 8x77.5 8x87.5 4x97.5 5x97.5 20x52.5

1/8 back day 47 minutes
Dead lift 8x155 3x243 belt on 3x331 1x397 Fx463 3x331 3x331 5x 243 kilo weight mixed with 45 pound bar makes it strange weight and didn’t realize really the jump on my single lifts.
DB rows 8x80 8x95 6x105 12x70
Lat pull downs 8x70 5x80 8x70 12x50
Good mornings 8x135 8x135 8x135

Knee gave out a few times today maybe will have to wrap it some until my quad gets stronger

185 minutes total on the elliptical this week to help burn off all that food I ate.

1/11 chest day 43 minutes weight 239
BB bench 8x135 8x225 6x275 3x295 3x295 8x135 Pause reps
DB incline 8x70 8x80 7x90 3x100 15x60
DB flys 8x40 8x45 8x50 12x30
Feet up pause reps explosive 8x135 6x185 8x135 8x135
Pulled a neck muscle between my knock and upper back some how on one my first set of benching put powered through the best I could. Feeling sore there right now pretty bad.
Looking at buying some wrist wraps even though I’ve never used them before.

1/12 leg day 51 minutes
Box squat 8x135 8x225 wraps and belt on 3x315 3x365 2x365 6x315 wraps off 8x225 belt off but to ground 8x135 wanted to test my knee on the last set and mostly felt ok.
Leg press 8x270 8x360 8x450 6x515 8x360 didn’t count the sled weight idk if it’s 60 or 80
Single leg Knee extension 8x45 8x45 8x45 8x45 right deff weaker
DB lounge 35 Dbs 8 reps and legs are tired

Someone was on the hamstring machine and I had to get back to work so called it a day.

1/13 shoulders 39 minutes
Shoulder been hurting last two day since benching but wanted to give shoulder a try anyways.
Bb seated military press 8x145 8x155 4x185 3x185 8x135
DB front raises 8x25 8x30 4x40 8x25
DB side laterals 8x22.5 8x22.5 8x22.5 12x15
Db Arnold presses 8x50 8x50 8x50 10x30 12x30

Shoulder really loosened up with press so pretty happy. My sets were to quick for sure with the presses though. I’ll try to add 30 seconds between each set.

1/14 arms 47 minutes
DB curls standing 8x35 8x40 8x45 bench opened so stopped there
Close grip bench 8x135 8x245 4x265 3x265 8x225 8x135 pause explosive set
Seated ez bar curls 4 sets 8x75
Dips BW 15 10 6 5 Little rest between sets
Super set
seated db curls 12x 30 10x30 8x30
and kickback 12x30 12x25 10x25

Shit sleep last night my little one was up in the middle of the night.

Overall happy with the uptick in the close grip bench press though.

1/15 back 36 minutes
Forgot my belt today and feeling beat down physically some so switching deadlifts with good mornings today
Good mornings 8x135 8x185 8x135 8x135
DB rows 8x95 8x105 8x105 6x105
Lat pull down 8x80 4.5x90 8x70 12x60
Machine rows 8x140 7x160 12x120 12x130

No hyper extensions long lines Bc of covid restriction so calling it a week on lifting

121 minutes of total cardio this week. Going to now start cleaning up my diet and doing more cardio. I wanted to let my body get use to lifting some first.

1/18 chest 45 minute
BB flat bench 8x135 8x225 3x315 bailed 4th rep to rack 5x295 3x295 3x295
Incline bench 8x185 8x205 tweaked shoulder 4x225 3x225
DB flys 8x45 8x45 8x50 12x30
Pause explosive decline bench 8x135 8x185 6x185 8x135
Swung for the fences on my bench first time touching 315 in a long time was hoping for 5 reps but making good progress I think starting out.

Strong stuff in here. Those are some nice heavy goals. What were your PRs before your surgery?

440 bench with nothing 196 pounds. Cut 16 pounds before the event in 30 hours
685 squat with knee wraps and belt. Not IPF depth but passed the meet I was at. My guess is if I lost the wraps went to ipf depth then I would have lost 80 pounds
585 dead lift with belt.
Might be way to ambitious with what I’m hoping to do in a year especially with bad knees and so many years off but I’m going to push muscle memory to its max I hope.

That’s a heck of a bench press.

Bench and squats use to be my thing but IDK if I’ll ever be a good squatter again.

1/19 legs 51 minutes
Dropping depth of squat a little lower
Box squat 8x135 8x225 belt and wraps on 1x365 felt a pop in knee no pain though. 3x315 3x315 a ton of grinding in knee for these sets. 8x225 belt off 8x135 pause reps knee felt ok doing these
Leg press 8x360 8x450 8x540 3x590 found out self weighs 118 pounds but I’m never going to add that it.
Knee extension 4 sets of 8x45
Leg curls 8x35 8x45 8x50 8x50

1/20 shoulders 41 minutes
Seated military press 8x155 8x165 5x185 2x195 8x135
DB front raises 8x30 8x30 4x40 10x25
DB side laterals 8x25 8x22.5 8x22.5 8x17.5
Arnold presses 8x50 8x50 8x50 12x40 10x40

1/21 arms 47 minutes
Close grip bench 8x135 5x275 3x275 2x275 7.5x245 6x225 8x135
DB curls 8x40 8x45 5x50 8x35
BW dips 20 10 7 7
Seated DB curls 12x30 10x30 8x30 8x30
Rope pull downs 8x67.5 8x82.5 3x97.5 20x40.5

1/22 back 47 minutes weight 237
Dead lift 8x155 3x243 3x331 3x397 1/3x463 1x397 1x397 3x331
DB rows 8x105 8x105 8x105 10x75
Lat pull down 8x80 5.5x90 10x70 12x60
Machine rows 8x160 7x180 12x120 12x120

Thought I could get 463 this time but think I psyched myself out. My body was pretty tired by today Idk if I should take Friday off and work back on saturdays and that would help or not. Can tell my CNS is feeling it but hoping it just gets used to lifting again soon.

1/25 chest 45 minutes
Flat bench 8x135 8x225 3.5x315 (first time trying wrist wraps and took them off after) 3x315 3x315 4.5x295
Incline bench press 8x225 4x235 3x245 6x225
Decline 8x225 8x225 8x186 8x185
DB flys 8x45 8x50 8x50 12x30

I had myself convinced I would hit 315 for 6 for some reason and I failed so a bit annoyed. Maybe trying to make to big of jumps to quick but at least incline bench went ok.

1/26 legs 54 minutes
Squats with no box today! 8x135 8x225 belt and knee wraps on 5x315 3x315 5x315( this set went to depth and my knee didn’t love it) wraps off 8x225 belt off 8x135
Leg press 8x450 8x450 8x540 4x540
Knee extensions 8x45 8x55 8x55 8x55 knee is done now
Leg curl 8x45 6x70 7x60 12x35

Got some good depth in today for my squat and it was hard and my legs feel it but overall happy about it.