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Training Log. Follow and Give Input

Hey guys, Im starting a log, first one I have ever logged

Im 168 body fat probably a bit high 15%.

I goto the gym in the morning for fasted cardio and back in the afternoon to train.

Im 43 years old. I have a good source for my supplements, some pharm stuff.

I do have a coach but not naming him yet.

My cycle is

Week 1 Mast p 50mg eod

Week 2 mast p 75mg eod

Week 3-7 mast p 100 eod

Week 8 mast p 50 eod

Week 1 test p 50 eod

Week 2 test p 100 eod

Week 3 test p 150 eod

Week 4-9 test p 200 eod

Week 10 test p 100 eod


Week 1 15mg ed

Week 2 20mg ed

Week 3-9 30mg ed

Week 10 15mg


Meal 1 2 cups egg whites with cup of oats

Meal 2 cup rice 8 oz chicken

Pre workout waxymaze 40 grams protien drink

Intra workout waxymaze bcaa, eaa

Post bcaa waxymaze

Meal 3 8oz red meat 1 cup rice

Meal 4 2 cups egg whites and cup of oats

just did a chest workout
incline bar
incline dumbbells
pec deck
incline flys
3 sets 8-12 reps


current pic

yesterday I did lats
dead lift
lat pull downs
pull overs cable machine
row machine
t bar rows
today arms
bent over dumbbell rows

My wife and I have noticed everytime my weight goes up even alittle when Im this heavy i snore and breath very heavy. anyone else like this?

workout arms friday, took yesterday off now today shoulders,i to train hard. looking to change diet soon will update when do

yesterday was leg day which i love, so sore this morning, today back to chest, went from 168 to 165, talked to my couch and i was told to add 2 oz of carbs to every meal

the extra carbs have helped my weight has gone back up, going to revisit diet again in two weeks, young guys who read this and i hope the older guys agree, drugs are everything, diet is a ton, your body composition can change based on what and when you eat!

so after adding carbs my weight has gone back up and i have also thinned out a bit, i having reading a bunch and talking to my coach about diet and actually absorbing the nutrients that we eat and getting the best use out of what we eat not just eat eat eat. im now taking with every meal and cinnamon supplement helps with metabolism as well as apple cider vinegar. also probiotics. guys name of the game is food, but if you eating nothing out of the food whats the point?

i know its been a while and wanted to update, things are going well and looking really lean, can almost see abs…for the guys that like gear talk i wanted to talk about quality of gear. test e from one company is not always the same as another company when using underground labs. what i mean is under dosing and quality. remember most raws come from china, china is not always the best. and remember nothing beats pharm stuff like the pros have, night and day difference… end of the day if you find a good supplier stick with them and questions feel free to dm me

time to change my cycle and add insulin, synthol and hgh, time to get huge