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Training Log Decimation


Need to lose weight 120kg -75-80kg
I am hoping to improve lifts a lot this year despite having training a number of years. I have had a lot of success using eccentric training with ballistics for the bench. I am hoping to get the bench to 180kg withing a year. I am built quite well for the Bench 5 foot 6 with average arms .

Bench press- 140kg Next year 180kg
Deadlift - 210kg 240kg
Squat Zercher 180kg 230kg
Front Squat 135kg 180kg -200kg (I can zercher 180kg thf the confidence)
Snatch High pull 130kg ----180kg I did have this at 140kg for multiple sets of 3 several years ago with access to flexible barbells rather than the stiff bars my gym has.
Clean pull not sure I could get 180kg to my belt i.e. navel and get 200kg to my navel from the rack . I am significaly weaker now. I do hope it comes back. I was 30 years old then now I am 35 .

This might seem ambitious but not all lifts are true maximums . On a good day I think I could the Zercher squat to 200kg. The front squat is not a real max either.

I am using a Westside style of training , 1 max effort day Upper 1 dynamic day. 1 or 2 general lowerbody doing rack pulls , snatch high pulls , Front squats. I use more of an Olympic Lifting Style for lower body training.

I use Eccentrics on my BP every other month . I lower mostly 10-20kg more than I can 1 rep max . Sometimes I go a lot over this to test my gains in eccentric strength. I find I get good gains in eccentric strength just lowering 100% 110% .

Hopefully the Bench press will go up another 5kg , as the 140kg was quite easy.

10/08/2015 Did BP 120kg x 7, x5 x6 x5
140kg x1 PB bounced off the pins a little though.

Eccentric lowering 150kg x5-6 sec 160 kg x5 sec 180kg not really under control 3 sec but lost control too heavy .
finished with several sets of 150kg , 140kg 130kg

Bench throw smith machine 20kg , 40kg , 60k several sets of 5
(did this first)
11/08/2015 Did some rack pulls high above knee to 290kg,shrugs x10 until 200kg added a 20kg plate then did 10 shrugs.
Did some just below knee rack pulls up to 230kg x 3 , 100x 3, 140 x3 180kg x 3 ,200kg x 3 220 x 3 230kg x 3.

12/08/2015 Front squats 135kg x1 60 x3 70 x 3 80 x1 90 x3 100 x3 110 x1 120 x1 130 x1 135 x1
I am still struggling to hold onto the bar properly. I used crossover method. Finally I managed to hit a sweet spot by getting the bar over externally rotated shoulders.


13/08/2015 Dynamic Effort Upper Body
70kg 3 reps x 8 sets

100kg repetition work x 14 reps PR
x6 3 second pauses
x 5

Bench Throw Smith Machine
50kg 5 sets of 5 -10 reps 1 minute pauses
knackered !


17/08/2015 |Mon quit Mzx Effort Day not recovered.


18/08/2015 Tried bench workout still not recovered.
Lower Body Max Effort - Rack pulls mid shin
60kg x5
100kg x5
140kg x5
180kg x 5
220kg x2
230kg x1 Bit of a grind
200kg x 1
180kg x5
140kg x5

Should have got a bit more volume in on higher weights . I might do 190,200 for sets of 5 next time.


Upperbody dynamic day
60kg x10
100x14 missed 15 reps got it half way. I got a bad headache too which is only jusdt going away.
100 x6 3 second pause
100 x5 3 second pauses
110 x 8 reps should get 10 now if not fatigued.
100 x 8 no pauses

Shoulders are still giving me grief hence the deload + no ballistic or incline work. The headache had me worried for a while.


Upperbody - Morning 110kg x 11, x8 , x6 got bad headache during 11th rep.
60kg x 20
Evening - 60 x 10 , 100 x5 , 120 x 5 , 120 x 4 130 x 2 142.5 fail
I will get next time though, I am still ill so I can’t grind grinding sets off the headache.

Shrugs - 60x 10 , 100 x 8, 140kg x 10, 180 x 10 , 220 x5-6 , 200 x 10. 180x 10

Bench for reps 60 x20, 80 x 20, 90 x 10, 60 x10

Hopefully headaches will clear up.



Tueday 25/08/2015 Lowerbody Rack pulls second hole . I am working my way down the rack in weekly increments.

60 x 8 , 100 x 5 , 140 x 5 180 x 5 , 220 x 2 , 230 fail. 180 x1
messed up workout as 220 , 230 tired me out. Hit 220kg goal . It is still about mid shin. I feel I should pull at least 220kg from the floor.
It doesn’t beat up my back either. I tried using a narrower stance too and it felt good.


Hey, buddy, are you sure you want to do westside? It’s very unforgiving if you do it wrong. If you still want to do it, I recommend looking up Louie Simmons actual articles or Dave Tate’s take on it. I don’t mean to be a dick, but this is either not westside, or you aren’t going to get what you want out of the program. I say this as someone who has done westside for a long time.

Syatt has a good take on westside, Dave Tate has a good take on westside, Louie Simmons is westside, there are plenty of sources to do figure out how to do it right. My recommendation is follow one of those guys to a T and after you have gotten a few training cycles under your belt you should have a better idea what westside is and how to use it.


Wed - Front Squats 40kg x 3, 60kg x 5, 100kg x 5, 110kg x 1 120kg x1 , 130kg x1 140kg FAIL
I am a bit fatigued in lower back from yesterday. Hopefully I get that 140kg next time.
I getting the groove of the lift tho. Bar against the throat hold the bar. I don;t llike the strap method]

30 min walk

starting to drink a lot of smoothies.


thanks. I am pleased with the results for the Upperbody not the lowerbody. I am not sure how to structure the Lowerbody. Thanks I’ll look into it. I don’t have the resources to change the lowerbody exercise. I can’t back squat , shoulder issues .I don’t mind the Front Squats despite the low loading , as I have an interest in improving my OLs especially Snatch High Pull.


Upperbody dynamic

80kg x3 8 sets
100kg x10 (got a slight head ache)
120 kg x5 on a bench press station rather than a powerrack. It feels better not resting on the pins.
A little sore will do better next time

20 min walk
Face pulls

Headaches seem to happen on the bench press. Other exercises unaffected. Woke up with a headace took paractemol.


Moday - Upperbody Max Effort

60kg x 10 ,

80kg x 10kh
120kg x6
130kg x3 (I think spotter helped a bit so I don’t count it)
120kg x6
120kg x 5

Used powerrack for overloads
60kg x 2, 100kg x 2

then 150kg x 5 s, 150kg x5 s 160x 2-3 second not controlled .
130kg x 8 second , 130kg x 5 second .

60kg x10
100kg x 10
130kg x 10
140kg x19
180kg x 10
220kg FAIL

I was a bit tired today and didn’t eat before working out. Had a glass of milk before leaving and a protein shake with creatine during the workout. Drove for 2 hours yesterday, I am not used to driving.

I may go back to the gym to use the treadmill.


Evening Monday
Incline presses 60kg x10
100kg FAIL
70kg x 10
80kg x 10
90 kg x 5

    Shrugs 60kg x 3,100kg x 5 140 x 5 180 x 5 220 fail


Started a new job this week, so I have been a bit tired and getting used working out later.

Upperbody - Bench press 60 x 10 80 x10 100 x 10 100 x 10 100 x10

70 x3 x 8

Deadlift rack pulls 1st pin of powerrack
60 x 5 100 x 5 140 x 5 180 x 1 220kg x1
220kg was quite hard so I am not ready to lift 220kg from the floor yet.
I may have week off , as I have rack pulled many weeks in a row.