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Training Log: Chip Duglass


Hey everyone. Tomorrow I am starting Waterbury's "High Frequency System." I'm not a newbie to the full body thing and throughout my short training "career" I've mainly focused on such. My last professional designed routine I did was HST, with that I saw some decent gains, but after I finished that I sort of lacked focus and just lifted at random. Now that I have the time, the smarts and the dedication I'm going to jump into this, what seems to me, an extensive program.

A little background, before I gained any form of intelligence concerning nutrition and training I had lifted my tiny heart out to try and get that "Brad Pitt in Fight Club look." Piss on that shit. At 18 yrs old I was down to 159. Still didn't have those oh so desired abs, due to the missing factor in the equation: Lack of muscle. Since then I've gone up to 183 and put on some decent size for my stature, I stand 6'1-6'2 and would consider myself to have an endomorphic body type.

The last few weeks I've been doing a body part split. Again, piss on that. My legs have seemed to get bigger and stronger, but I feel weaker in other lifts such as the bench press. My rotator cuff doesn't seem to like the added stress and I know I mentall can't stand the thought of my lifts as weak as they are going down one bit.

The last time I did a 1RM on any lifts they were at: 180 for bench press. 225 for squat and 255 for DL. By the end of these 8 weeks I'd like to see my weight at 190, I think that's plenty reasonable. I'll get a picture ASAP, I currently don't have any means of getting a photo. I'll log my food on fitday.com tomorrow as the program begins and post that for critique. Thanks for reading everyone and any support thats to come is much appreciated. ...Time to eat. Cheers.



Good call changing up your goals/strategy, I'm pretty sure you'll thank yourself for doing so down the road.


Amen to that.

If I read "Brad Pitt in Fight Club" one more time I'm going to gouge my eyes out.

Anyway, I'm interested in following this journal as I want to see what HFT can do.

Good luck.


You are 6'2", weigh 180lbs (a weight you had to work UP to) and consider yourself an "endomorph"?


Yes, I've always had some meat on my bones. I should have clarified more. I had dieted down to that weight from around 175 or so.


You are 6'2". Anything under 200lbs at your height would be considered pretty slim to most people. I think people overuse these labels and I don't see the use of them at all actually helping anyone. Someone as light as you are at your height is more than likely NOT an "endomorph". You probably just trained wrong and ate wrong. I was 150lbs in high school as a senior. Does that make me an "ectomorph"? I think many would disagree with that considering how my body responds now.


In high school I didn't train and I did eat wrong, period. Though in true ectomorphic fashion whereas they don't gain fat easily, I infact do which leads me to believe my metabolism isn't blazing fast. But ultimately, whatever the hell my body type is, its not important enough to me to debate over it.


Endomorph?? hahaha YeAH RIGHT!

You are right prof that dude is no-where near a endomorph.I think he meant to say ectomorph. 6'2 180 pounds is a skinny dude,i dont care if u have fat on u or not.


K of K


Anyway, moving past the body type debate...Just got done with the first workout. Felt good, felt strong. The overall load wasn't much, but the short rest periods between exercise pairings kept the heart rate up. I'll post diet tonight.


Diet for the day is as follows:

Breakfast: 1 cup oatmeal w/ half cup of blueberries and raspberries, 2 cups egg whites w/ salsa, scoop of whey. 1 cup yogurt.

PW shake consisting of 2 cups skim milk, 1 scoop whey, 1 banana and 2 Tblsp of Gatorade powder.

Meal 3: Large bowl of brown rice and beans w/ ground turkey, peppers & tomatos. 2 cups brocolli, 1 apple. 5 oz. chicken breast.

Meal 4: Large salad made w/ spinach, 5 oz. chicken breast. handfull of walnuts, few tblsp of EVOO, cherry tomatos & FF cheese.

Meal 5: 10z sirloin steak with sauted mushrooms (EVOO) and FF cheese. 10-12 stalks of asparagus, handful of pecans. 1 Peach.

Meal 6: 3 Omega-3 eggs + 4 egg whites w/ salsa

Meal 7: Scoop of Casein and scoop of whey with a few tblsp of natty PB.

Supplements: 6 fishoils, multi-vitamin, green tea extract, creatine.

Critiques, suggestions, lets hear them.


id add another scoop of protein to your post workout shake. thats only like 36-40 grams your taking in post workout?
just my oppinion though. im sure it wouldnt hurt


It's also around a 2:1 ratio carbs to protein. Though sometimes I'll throw another scoop and another banana in there.