Training Log as a Coach Living in China

So I’ve had many training journals over the years on Charlie Francis’ site, as I’ve been a speed/power athlete most of my life as well as competing in Olympic lifting. Right now as I’m about to be 28 years old, my goals are to be muscular, strong, and aesthetic. I’ve tracked my workouts on pen and paper the last 5 years however now I’d like to hopefully get some more feedback from people on this forum. I’ve been lifting since I was 11 years old and it will always be my main passion.

Currently I’m working as a sports performance coach in Beijing, China (lived in asia for 3 years now) and believe it or not I have a lot of time on my hands. I’ve done some paid fitness modeling this year for some workouts apps/photo shoots and hoping for more opportunities in the future.

Here are my current stats:
Ht - 177cm, weight - 83-85kg, BF - 10-12%
Clean from blocks - 150kg, Snatch - 100kg, BTN Jerk - 160kg, Jerk - 143kg
Back Squat - 215kg (no belt/raw), Front Squat - 180kg (belt), DL - 200kg
Bench - 143kg, Incline - 110kg, Chin-up - BW+52kg, BTN Press - 90kg

Christian Thibaudeau and Charles Poliquin (rest in peace) have been huge influences to both my training and my career. I aspire to someday reach their level in terms of knowledge, results, and business.

My past injuries include a L4/L5 disc herniation at age 18, FAI/hip labral tear at age 23, and chronic coccyx/tail bone pain that’s been off and on since I was 23 years old. I’ve hit all of my PRs after having these injuries.

My training now involves twice per day training since I have this entire week off. I just finished a 3 week hypertrophy block where I squatted 3x10 w/ 150kg.

10/2/2018 - HRV - 90

AM Chest

Bench - 60x5, 80x3, 90x5, 95x5, 3x5 w/ 100kg (3010 tempo)
10 degree incline press (lbs) - 55’sx5, 65’sx5, 3x5w/ 70’s (41X0 tempo)
Chest Dips - 4x8, BW

Will post my second workout of the day later.

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Good luck in China. I lived there for nine years and could eat as much as I wanted, as long as I stayed away from American food.

What do you mean?

My first month in China, I ate as much Chinese food as I could and still lost ten pounds. They don’t have our sweet tooth so use a lot less sugar and other sweeteners. The weight loss slowed down after that, but still, I could always eat Chinese food as I liked and lose weight slowly.

I figured it was that - just less sugar.

Doesn’t there tend to be a lot of carbs? From when I go to Chinese restaurants here in the US it seems like you’d get plenty of veggies and meat, but maybe lots of carbs. Are their’s “healthier?” Less refined or anything?

The typical Chinese meal in China reminds me a lot of a recent t-nation article about the idea diet being a mix of meat, veggies, and carbs. Tip: How to Boost Appetite Suppressing Hormones