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Training Log App on Facebook

Frustrated that other ‘training logs’ on facebook didn’t support multiple sets or variable weights per lift, I’ve made my own. Inspired by the Physique Clinic.


sweet. Ill check it out.

Looks pretty nice, but I couldn’t find it on my page after I was done filling in a workout.

Also being able to write some notes about the whole workout in general would be nice. Right now it looks like we can only do it per exercise

Does it work with Safari (Mac)?

Awesome. I added it.

you’re a legend Jens.

Awesome app…I added it…

A few suggestions:

1)Can you get graphs going? So you can visualize your progress?
2)Superset Function?
3)Can you set up some kind of social network so my friends on facebook who have the same app will be able to see my progress and vice versa…this will foster some friendly competition.
4)Automatically send the app to your friends in a giant email?

your app is awesome, def the best Ive came across. Funny thing is I was looking for one and gave up after being frustrated. The only thing is that its pretty simple, which is good. But I would like to see some other functions going, the ones listed above.

Thanks for getting this app together.



i like it, maybe add another extended reps box, this would allow for double rest pauses etc.

can you add the functionality of sharing?

Too much data entry required every day for it to be of use. Why would I want to keep my hard copy up to date in the gym and then come home to re-enter everything online? No thanks. If you could revise the layout so we can print it and use it in the gym, then you’re talking my language. At least you get an E for Effort.