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Training Like a Saiyan?


Yeah this seems absolutely pathetic and childish I'll admit dragonball z is a kids cartoon.
For years though, this guy has inpsired me to want to get big.

But how big would Vegeta be in real life, could you tell from looking at this image?

If you have a rough idea could ya let me know.

Anyway I was always amazed by some of the dragonball z dialogue.
What do you think about some of their training methods, which although not really available to us would be fascinating.
E.g. Gravity chamber.

Although I'm dissapointed that I never saw them lifting weights ha.


I think this is in the wrong section, Wasn't paying attention.
Move it if you want to.


LOL at this thread.

I want to train like those dudes in Gears of War... those guys are huge.


Since I love DBZ, I'll just have a laugh at this thread and play along. No harm in good fun.

Vegeta would be 5'6 around 185-195lbs. Goku would be 5'10-11", 215+/-lbs. Krillin would be 5 foot, 120-130lbs.


BTW, wiki says that Vegeta is 5'3, 223lbs. That's bigger than fucking Lee Preist. Clearly wiki users don't understand bodybuilding (who woulda guessed?)


No I think this is definitely the right section.


I'm sure body weight exercises in 500x Earth gravity did it's part.


Your not in the wrong section this is one of those blurry training/fantasy threads that can fit hear i guess.

The one thing I know for sure about Sayian training is that they EAT, EAT, EAT, EAT, and EAT, some more. They have high intensity work outs and practice sparring often. If you want to mimic the High G chamber why not, do weighted body weight workouts? Push ups with a weight vest, Dips with the chain, pullups with the weighted pull up belt. One legged squats shit like that. I doubt you would get as buff as the price of all Sayians though. But you will be ripped.


i assume saiyans have thick, heavy bones




I thought I remember Goku doing squats with trees back in the earlier episodes, but I could just be thinking of myself.


aka Senzu Beans. Those beans are actually Dianabol.


Don't Saiyans get stronger every time they get beaten as long as they don't die? I think Vegeta manipulated that fact or something early on in the series.


and magic.

Mostly dianabol though.


handstand pushups on one finger with a 1 ton vest


Actually it's the lack of all myostatin genes.


Their tendons don't seem very brittle.



what confused me was when they turned super saiyan and there muscles grew larger in a span of like 3-4 episodes. how did they do that?


Somehow the saiyan transformation allowed them to mainpulate their genetic make-up. Let's be real, they turned into giant monkey's, so maybe they were evolving closer and closer to this monkey trait. This seems to make sense if you look at their final transformation into Super Saiyan 4, because they look like a true combination between monkey and man...haha god I need a life.


I'm not even gonna lie...DBZ was one of the reasons I started lifting back in the day(the other being football).