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Training Legs with Sever Quad Pip

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Back on 3/1 I jabbed my left quad for the first time with this combo. prior to this i hit right & left glue, right quad, no issues (at least not this bad). 3/3 squatted heavy and it was achy afterwards. yesterday i noticed swelling and pain when trying to stretch it out. took some motrin and chalked it up as bad injection technique/virgin site with a lot of short esters. today swelling is down, not AS painful but still sore as hell. slightly warm to touch, light redness, no lumps or edema or fever. Is it ok to train this quad, or should i wait until it subsides completely? I can snap a pic if anyone wants to see the area.


Some light leg work would promote blood flow and help clear that out. I wouldn’t hit it hard if you’re in pain.

if you have reduced mobility in the area because of the swelling, I would not train it, could increase the risk of a tear.

Thank you gentlemen. Suppose to deadlift tonight, and the swelling is down significantly. I’ll see how it feels after warmed up/stretched.

interesting. So i waited out the swelling/mobility, which started around last monday. quad feels good now, but there is a small indendation there now. No pain or swelling if i play with it, just really weird.