Training Legs With a Foot Injury

I just ruptured my Plantar Fascia a couple of days ago. I can’t do any leg exercises for the next 4 weeks that involve the foot on the ground. Yes, you got it folks, that means no squats or deadlifts. I know that you all have that horrified look on your face right now, like I just told you that I have been banging your sister, but I am doubly pissed because Cressey just worked with me on my deadlift form.

Now I’m addicted, and I can’t wait to do them again. Cressey gave me a couple of ideas, but I was hoping I could get some more input and ideas from people for leg exercises not involving any foot stabilization. Thanks

Have you thought of the leg press? I hear it does wonder for leg growth. J/K :slight_smile:

Actually, if plantarflexing doesn’t cause any pain, have you considered kneeling squats?

Do hyperextensios/back extensions, Glute ham raises and or reverse hypers like crazy.

Can you explain kneeling squats?

[quote]cpaul23 wrote:
Can you explain kneeling squats?[/quote]

You need to put the bar in the rack very low. Kneel down and bend over to get under the bar. Your hips should be on your ankles at the bottom. Then rise up so that your knee is at a 90 degree angle.

By the way, I like these with the bar held in the Zercher position.