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Training Legs with a Foot Injury

I have a friend that has been training for over a year, and is extremely jacked in his upper body, but doesnt train legs much because he has a metal plate in his right foot, any suggestions on what the safest route would be for him so that he does not look so unbalanced…

Best thing would be to get medical clearance to lift and then go ham. If it’s a no go ask the specific precautions or restrictions on movement/loading and work within them.

For now… wear pants and a career in modelling don’tskiplegday memes lel. Srsly tho maybe machine leg extensions and hamstring curls where the pad is up on the lower shin/calf. Progressively overload and you’ll get gains.

Or you could just skip legs

He should always wear pants.

Can he walk? There are plenty of single-leg exercises that require very little (if any) weight if done correctly. There are also machines. Leg extension, leg curl, hip abduction/adduction/flexion/extension, cables attached to the ankle… Back extension equipment can be used to target the glutes and hams. Nearly every commercial gym has that hip extension/glute machine.

He can pretty much do anything besides make excuses if he wants.

Has your friend figured out drop sets, partial reps, rest/pause, or any other intensification methods for his arms?

I’m sure he has which means he’s shown that he can learn new things about lifting either by reading or watching other people at the gym. The fact that he hasn’t applied this to leg training shows that he doesn’t want to train legs and his foot is his scapegoat.