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Training Legs Only


Hey guys, I just had a quick question. I have done something to my shoulder, not sure what yet ( Doc Tuesday). I was just wondering if you guys thought it would be ok to do just legs for a few weeks if need be?

Maybe heavy squats Monday, Lunges or some variations Wednesday and something (not sure what yet) Friday.
It doesn't hurt when pulling, only when doing push lifts.

Any suggestions?


How about training everything that doesn't aggravate it? For instance lower body, pulling movements, and maybe some decline pushing movements.


I did think about that, I just don't know for sure about anything upper body even though I may not feel it, possibly still aggravating it.


some training is better than no training, throw abs and cardio in the mix too


While I would normally use pain as an indicator as to whether or not the exercise is aggravating a body part, I would wait to see what the doctor has to say before you do anything hard and heavy involving your shoulder. That's one of those areas you don't want to mess around with.

In the meantime, you can pull like crazy.
As far as your lower body plan, squats and lunges are good but are pretty quad dominant (for most people). You would probably want to throw in some posterior chain lifts like deadlifts, good mornings, glute-ham raises, etc.


I was going to do deads and see how it feels but will definitly get in some good mornings and glute-ham raises on Friday. I'm sure the doc will say to take some time off, it seems like most of them are not to fond of lifting anyway for some reason.


Yea, you might be better off getting the diagnosis on your shoulder and then getting advice from an actual lifter based off of it.


It is always ok to do squats....sheesh


What do you guys think of this? Remember hopefully it will only be for a week or two.
Monday- squats 5x5
good moring 4x8 or so
Wednesday- Deadlift 5x5
Split squats
Friday- Walking lunge
Step ups
I also thought about maybe some leg curls and extensions but I haven't done them in awhile. I know some people like them and some don't.


If you goal is hypertrophy then I would definately throw in the leg extensions and curls. Otherwise it doesn't seem like enough volume to induce growth.


If you're going to pursue squats with a messed up shoulder make sure your grip width and upper body support don't aggravate the condition.


Thanks everyone for all the advice. I did some squats last week with the shoulder and it seemed not to bother it at all with my normal grip.

Sharp- I may up the volume some after I see how it goes. Like I said I hope it is a short term thing.


True. The abduction/external rotation that the back squat puts your shoulder in is no me gusta if you have shoulder issues...


What about front squats?


Front squats probably would put less strain on your shoulders. It sounds like a feasible option, and if you like it then you might as well give it a shot and see how it goes.
Best of luck!