training legs around martial arts

ok i’m currently taking a martial arts class (Kyokushin karate/thai boxing) twice a week on tuesday and thursday. My main goals are currently maintaining/increasing maximal strength while building muscular and cardiovascular endurance. My normal training split is as follows:
M-Chest, back- heavy horizontal movements (bench press, rows, etc)
T- Legs and lower back/abs- front squats, deadlifts, ab work
W- rest
R- Push-ups, Pullups, swimming
F- HIIT/IBUR style cardio
How could i change this split to make it more suitable for the amount of explosiveness(ie no sore legs) i’ll need for martial arts mentioned above? Thanks in advance for any help.

I train on T and R also. Here’s my split

Mon- Back
Tue- MMA
Wed- off
Thu- MMA
Fri- Legs
Sat- Chest