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Training Late at Night


Hey guys, I would appreciate your opinions on my situation.
I usually find if I weight train in my house, I do so very late at night sometimes as late as midnight (I sleep about 1-2 am), this is true when am busy during my academic year and also during holidays, I find am lethargic when training at home if I decided to train say mid-day or early evening, but am okay if I go to the gym.

The question: is training so late useless, especially since I don?t like to eat so late into the night, so usually I would only have a glass of milk with some honey, would I make any gains??!
Thanks in advance


You'll make gains. It's a matter of weighing out the pro's and con's. If your energy is best at that time of day, that's when you should train. Don't sweat the details! 90% of the battle is just doing it...the rest is gravy.


CS is right, just make the adjustments and get yourself training. I also have to train late at night with a professional job, 4 kids, grad school, house etc that is about the only time I get to do it. Just make the post work out adjustments, more cottage cheese instead of whey etc. Good luck.


I agree with above. One thing: you should eat. I started shovelling food back late at night. It kept me awake for about a week then suddenly, it was no problem. Gains were much greater.

CS hit the nail on the head: 90% is simply doing the stuff. It may not be optimal but it's probably negligible when taking your schedule into account.


Hey! I know how you feel! I have five kids, grad school, ministry, work.... It's either late at night or really early in the morning. Here's a qustion, though. I just read on Ghost Wolf that early morning workouts can be risky to your back... My back is one of my week spots, so I just was wondering on some thoughts. However, I also found that my energy level was better in the morning. Workouts seemed to go better (more reps at the same weight, etc...)

Also, as far as just getting training going, I totally agree. I started last Jan and I was lifting late at night all the time. I moved to early morning a few months back.

One more thought. Get your sleep if you can. Once I stopped playing video games, whiched saved me 5-10 hours per week, and dedicated my time to sleeping, my gains began to pick up. Nevermind the fact that I felt better!



Night is my personal favorite time to train. When I started training I went at 3:20 in the afternoon, I made decent gains but I switched to 11:00 at night and I did much better. But then again I am weird, a nice meal puts me to sleep. So I go out train come back fill my stomach and I am dead to the world for a good 8hrs, and it doesn't screw with my schedule at all.