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I will post daily pieces of info in the training lab… come discuss them with me!

Nice! I’m excited to hear about Alex’ new training approach you have him doing :slight_smile:

sweet Thibs! always appreciate any info we can get from you.

Thibs, you da man

Thank you very much CT,sounds intressting

I don’t even know how to use the damn thing.

Thibs, maybe some info on how you incorporate high rep partials inorder to get blood flow into the area with little micro trauma (i believe you mentioned in your other thread?) I am extremely interested.

5-Day Bodybuilding Split

You say to emphasize shoulders on one pressing day, and emphasize chest on the other day. Do you still recommend starting with an OH variation on the chest emphasis day, for sake of healthy shoulders? So maybe:

Upper 1 (chest):

A) Clean and Jerk (activation)

B) Incline
ramp to MTW and wave load

C) Flat
ramp to MTW and wave load

D) Reverse-Band Bench
wave load

E) Isolation Circuit
Rotator Cuff
Rear Delt Flyes
Face Pulls
DB Shrugs

Day 2 (shoulder emphasis):

A) Top-Half Seated MP (activation)

B) Standing OH Press
ramp to MTW and wave load

C) Steep Incline DB Press
ramping sets of 5

ramp to MTW and waveload

E) Dips
ramping sets of 5

F) Circuit
Seated Side Laterals from dead stop
Standing Side Laterals
Seated Front Raises from dead stop
Standing Front Raises

Would you change anything around? This is just something I threw out, I’ll be going by feel but this is roughly what I’ll be doing.