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Training/Krav Maga Question

Hey All

I’ve recently started Krav Maga & it’s proven to be a real ass kicker to get yourself into shape. Thing is, it’s really hampered my weight training.

The KV class is 2x week for an hour. I usually work out 3x a week, which I still do, but I’ve cut down on my sets (from 3 to 2) and increased my tempo.

I’m still having some recovery slowdowns and was wondering if anyone had any ideas to help me improve?

What’s your diet like? That is most likely the problem. That or you just were not in the best fighting shape, and you need time to adjust.

I think it’s both. I had surgery that kept me from really doing anything in terms of working out, and I’m still playing around with my carbs. I thought that “less would be more” when it came to that, but I was quickly proved wrong. My carb intake was about 90g and I think I’ll boost it up to 150-200…unless you have a better range?

When I started training in jiu jitsu this past April, I was also doing 4x per week weight training, working a full time job and doing quite a bit of o/s work on the weekends. The combination of everything burnt me real quickly. I ended up taking a week off of weights and then eased back into a 3-day routine. That seems to be working best for me right now. As it is, I am doing MWF in the gym, T/Th/Sa at jiu jitsu, M-F main job and S-Su outdoor work. I think the extra work you have thrown in has just shocked your system and you need to give yourself a little bit of time to acclimate to the increased demands you are placing on yourself. As ko mentioned, I would also focus on nutrition. Finally, get your rest. Good luck!

I would cut back in the gym, maybe two times a week, and focus on you martial arts training. Going to classes fatigued can lead to sloppy technique which can lead to injury. Also, once you learn sloppy technique, it is hard to unlearn it. Remember, what you do in the dojo, you will do in the street/ring.

nothing will bring out the overtraining monster faster than too much work, and any intense striking/grappling 3X week will kill you. I got mono two years ago from jiu-jitsu 2X (4 hours)/week plus weights 4X combined with undereating and cold weather. Stay warm and eat a lot more. Take a week off the weights after 6 weeks on, but I would keep the volume/intensity the same because you will adjust if you eat and sleep well.

Increase your total daily caloric intake to account for the added expenditure and introduce yourself to active recovery and contrast baths. Find a swimming pool that is 68 degrees F or so and a whirlpool that is 102 degrees F or so. You need to do full immersion alternating from hot to cold, it’s the temperature difference that’s really important here. If their is not a big temperature change or you don’t get fully submersed as in a contrast shower, then you won’t get the full effects. If you incorporate this into your training as well as increase your caloric intake, you will notice yourself recovering faster and will adapt quickly to the increased workload.

i hate to break it to you neckcranked but you got mono from another person who had mono, simple as that. overtraining would certainly prolong the disease and perhaps moderately raise susceptability and cold weather would have no effect at all… a common misconception.

never thought about it like that. it wasn’t that severe, got over it in about a week or two, but I think that overtraining & overpartying mixed with undereating & undersleeping nailed it to me even harder. I haven’t really been sick at all since then.